10 Lessons I’ve Learned In My 20’s


I am still in my early twenties, but I’ve reached that point where reminiscing about high school means I have to use two hands to count the years that have gone by already. I’ve had a lot of advice given to me since entering my 20’s, but there’s also a lot of things I’ve had to learn on my own that I kinda wish someone had warned me about. Here are a couple of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned since entering my 20’s (so far, at least):

1. Invest in your shoes and your bags (this includes backpacks).

You spend most of your days in your shoes, make sure they get you from A to B with minimal pain and discomfort. This goes for your bags and your backpacks. Get comfy.

2. Don’t let anyone waste your time

Your 20’s are your selfish years, but that doesn’t mean that others get to be selfish with the way they waste your time. Do not allow anyone to waste your energy or your phone battery without your permission. If someone isn’t treating you right, move on.

3. People change, things change; life goes on

The place you’re in today may not be anywhere close to where you are in a year. The person you are today may be nowhere near recognizable in a couple of months. The people standing next to you may not be there forever. It’s OK to move on and to let go of things you thought would never change.

4. Pursue yourself first.

Don’t pursue anyone just because you feel like you have to unless the person you’re pursuing is yourself. Smash some goals and cross off some things off the bucket list for yourself by yourself. I know it seems like this is the time when everyone is getting paired up and you feel like you have to as well, but you have your entire life ahead of you to stumble upon someone that will put in as much effort into you as you’ve already put into yourself. Love yourself first and the rest comes after.

5. Trust your gut.

That feeling is something only you know what it means and if it’s there it’s usually for a reason. Trust it. Trust that you know what’s best for you, whether it’s classes or friends, it’s all you.

6. No age is better than another age.

I know it’s cool to reach 20 and 21 and can people still feel 22? Anyways, don’t be in a rush to reach these milestones. No age is better than any other age and the year is only as good as you make it.

7. A grown-up is a lie

You thought you were an adult when you reached 18, but now you’re 20 or older and you’re suddenly surrounded by 18-year-old’s and you feel super old. Then, you go to work and get surrounded by the older than you older adults and you feel very young, but somehow, they all act the same in social settings. Conclusion: adults are fake and we’re all just acting our age as best as we can and trying to not starve to death.

8. Be nice until you can’t be nice anymore.

This is important because when you’re young you have to be respectful and in your 20’s you’re still young and have a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean that people have the right to disrespect you. So, be nice, be kind, be helpful and be polite, but don’t be a pushover. Be nice until you can’t be nice anymore, then be assertive and demand what you deserve in the most respectful way possible.

9. Wear what you want.

If you have the freedom to wear what you want every day, do it. One day you’ll be restricted to uniforms and regulations; enjoy the time before that.

10. Follow your bliss.

A job pays your bills, but your passion shouldn’t have to come as a sacrifice to it. Follow your bliss, whatever it may be.

Amanda Estrada

Writing my way through the world and eating all the good food along the way. Traveling, art and mental health activism are my passions. Follow all my adventures on IG or SN: Mayyrain

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