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Most of the entrepreneurs I know are single, unhappily married, or losing their minds.  Notice, I said most, not all!  Finding your flow as a married boss babe is about balance.  Some of us have figured out the “real” life balancing tips that makes it all make sense.  It is a balancing act to be successful as a mom, wife or entrepreneur.  Add all three together can be like mixing a bad pot of gumbo.  However, if you learn a few tips and tricks, it will work out just fine.

I left home after seeing a client to head out of town to Houston Friday, returned home Saturday and my feet haven’t touched the ground since.  Now, I would not trade my life for the world, because I have learned how to balance it pretty well.   I am a full time wife, full time mom and full time entrepreneur.  If I didn’t know how to balance it all, I would be overwhelmed.  Let’s face it running a business can drive you insane.  The balance didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

Life Balancing Tips and How To Find Your Flow

Find your flow!  Every family flows differently and you must find your families flow for this balance thing to work.  Since you are working towards building a life, you must focus on life balancing.

1. Family Support Is Everything.

Having a supportive spouse and children makes things easier. Not saying that they have to be “gung-ho” and work in your business, however an understanding, supportive family makes the difference.  When the “office” door is closed, they understand business is in progress.

2. Pull “Your Weight”

This is much easier if you don’t let home duties slide to begin with.  I am old school and southern in my values.  So, I will take care of the meals, cleaning, washing and etc even after coming off the road from a business trip.  We all have certain responsibilities in the household, but we take over or fill in for the other when the need arises. That is how our family dynamic works.

3. Organize Your Days, Weeks, etc

By nature, I am a keeper of calendars and list.  There is a list or calendar for everything in my house, not just for groceries.  I know who has what to do, when and where.  My family is aware of what I have going on also.  There are rarely any surprises to where I am going to be or do.  This helps us communicate those things we may normally forget in the course of the day.

4. Make Family Time Daily

If everyone is at home, have family dinner.  This is simple (even if you don’t cook).  It is a rare instance that all of us are at home at the same time.  However, one of our New Year’s Resolutions was that if we are home, we sit and eat together.  Hungry or not, homework or not, it doesn’t matter, we all sit at the table.

5. Try A Work Schedule

When you are a full time boss babe, you sometimes work outside of “normal” work hours.  Try setting “work” hours.  I know it is easy to work on your business all day, especially if you love it.  Setting your hours will help you achieve balance.  I work during certain periods unless it is a pressing matter.  If I don’t finish my “day” while everyone is gone, I will wait until everyone else is sleep or settled for the night.  This doesn’t always work, but you have to find your flow (even if it is different everyday).

6. Shut Down For Family

Days don’t always go as planned, however plan downtime for family time.  Now family time and dinner time is two different things.  If my husband happens to be off, we will do a day of nothing or just hang out.  Business can usually wait.  I will also have movie time with my son.  Either way, that means no social media, no distractions nothing but family time!  Your family has to know they are number one in your book.

7. Include Your Family In Your Goals

Have you had that “discussion” with your family?  The one where they know exactly what you are building and why?  Since my family knows my “end game” with business, they are supportive.  It gives them a sense of pride to say “my mom does” or “my wife does.”  It also keeps me from explaining why I have to go out of town or take a call.  They understand and better yet, know it is for the benefit of all of us.

BONUS TIP: Life Balancing begins with YOU

Part of life balancing is my “me time.”  Life balancing begins with you because it is balancing everything around you.  ME TIME is a requirement.  This is the time where you are not doing business or family.  If YOU aren’t balanced,  you can throw all the life balancing tips out of the window.  Take real “me” time at the nail shop, spa, shopping, etc.  You will find afterwards, you are more ready to rock out family and business life.

These are just some of the life balancing tips that work for my family.  Life balancing is the goal of how you want things to flow, but sometimes it will need to be adjusted.  Just like in business, your family changes.  Adjust your flow, not the goal and life balance will happen.


Valencia Griffin-Wallace is an international speaker, best selling author and mentor. Her passion and mission in life is to teach women how to live an unapologetic lifestyle by building confidence in order to achieve goals. She is the CEO and founder of Define U, LLC which houses Define U Movement, Define U Radio, and Define U Live ( She believes in challenging herself and others to be the best queen they can be, unapologetically of course.

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