Life Defining Moments

Did You Know YOU Were Built to Thrive?

When God (or whomever you believe in) created you s/he designed you to withstand anything and everything.  It is in those life defining moments that our will is tested. Our faith is tried and coming out the other side feels more of a blessing than a victory.  This is a reminder that you were built for greatness.

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I had a moment today when a lot of old stories that I thought I had reconciled with hit me all at once.  It was at that moment I realized that scared little girl inside who just wants everyone to love her, was still very much there.

I found myself faced with a decision.  Do I speak the truth and hurt some people that I love, now?  Or say nothing, carry on and possibly hurt them worse in the end. Not exactly the best pick of options – rip the band aid off now or later.


Why is the truth so hard?  Why do we choose to carry the load of assumption for others?  What was holding on, really costing me? This truth that I wanted so dear to hold on to, was costing me sleep.  It was costing me productivity and ease.  Something I agreed to months ago no longer felt in alignment.  After all, my situation has changed. My goals have changed and the person that I want to be has changed.  I’m working with integrity now and self love.  Being true to myself and my purpose.  No longer just agreeing and doing things out of fear but doing things and showing up 110% because the calling in my heart requires nothing less.

Life Defining Moments

This life defining moment, was asking me to make a decision.  To decide once and for all, them or me.  There are two sides to every coin – the outcome of all of this could mean the end of friendships, mentorship.  It could also mean the beginning of a new relationship built on honesty, trust and complete transparency.

This decision requires that I shed some layers and commit fully.  Something that for the first time in my life I feel capable of doing.  I know what I want and I am fearless in the pursuit of it.  I see the vision for my life and know that it’s mine for the taking.

In the end, I believe these life defining moments happen for three reasons:

  1. To stir your soul
  2. To disrupt your patterns
  3. Be a mirror for what you’re getting

You better believe, we’re built to last, endure and rise.  We have everything that we need within us to not only survive but thrive; but only when we stop living and making decisions for others can we truly experience that freedom.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic.  When has life thrown you a curve ball and your felt out of alignment with a commitment?

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