The Super Honest Truth About Running a Location Independent Business

For the past 18 months I’ve ran a location independent business, lived out of a suitcase (a large one), and travelled to places around the world that include Miami, Bali, Los Angeles, London, New York, Sydney, and Dubai.

The Honest Truth About Running a Location Independent Business - Niyc Pidgeon

Each trip has been purposeful, and built around some sort of business activity or opportunity, whether it be running a workshop at a Sorority, or attending a business retreat on a tropical island. It has been, and still is absolutely amazing to have created a life that I wake up every morning and love to live.

I want to share with you some of the honest truths of running a location independent business to give you some insight, and also a laugh at my expense…


  1. You’ll be the girl that keeps saying, “I’ve got nothing to wear” – and actually means it!

  1. Sometimes you’ll get lonely, and you might even cry.

  1. You’ll encounter some undesirable wildlife along the way (think ants, cockroaches, snakes, cockroaches, mega bugs, and cockroaches)

  1. The first thing you’ll ask people when you meet them is “do you have wifi?”

  1. You will get sick from the air conditioning on aeroplanes and in hotels, and you won’t have insurance so you’ll end up paying hundreds of $$$ for the privilege.

  1. You’ll want to make long term plans but will forever be “waiting to find out about your visa”

  1. You’ll never be in one place long enough to get a boyfriend (and people will start to think you’re weird because of it)

  1. You wont know what day of the week it is, or what time zone you’re on… and it starts to become perfectly normal

  1. Zombie will become your default mode (whether it be jet lag, or the girl in the room next door that kept you awake all night)

  1. Your iPhone and MacBook will consistently overheat when you try to live the laptop lifestyle and work in the sun… instead you spend most of your time indoors!

  1. People won’t understand your accent and you’ll be recommended elocution lessons to get rid of it. Yes, really!

  1. Most of your suitcase will be filled with notepads

  1. Most of your income will be spent on uber

  1. Snapchat will become the most consistent thing in your life

  1. You’ll spend so much time taking the perfect Instagram photo that everybody thinks “location independent business” means “I’m on a permanent holiday and never do any work”



  1. You get to spend time with your best friends all around the world, having fun AND building your empires.

  1. You’ll laugh until you cry, over things that you kinda just had to be there for, getting through disasters you’ll never forget, and making memories you’ll always remember.

  1. You get to spend time in the most gorgeous places in the world which will fill you with inspiration.

  1. You are able help more people around the world by expanding your network in every place you visit

  1. You can wake up with excitement, knowing that anything is possible for your day, and you get to choose.

  1. You can go to bed with satisfaction, knowing that you are living life on your terms and creating something that is bigger than yourself.

After all… Sometimes life is about risking everything, for a dream no one but you can see.


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