Making Healthier Choices For a Healthier You

I get it, guys. Not everyone is able to find themselves to be exactly like the women in stock photos doing perfect yoga poses and other exercise routines. Perhaps slapping on your sweatshirts and throwing your hair up in a messy bun before plopping yourself in front of your TV sounds a whole lot more satisfying than getting up and actually doing things. You are not a stock photo, but we can’t lie to ourselves that we want to be like those who are energetic and have a healthy glow to their complexion. But the thing is, you can have that as well. It doesn’t take too much to brighten your spirits and your mindset for a healthier you. The only person in charge of your health and happiness is yourself. Make healthier choices.

Your Body Is Your Temple. Treat It Well.

Drink Enough Water: This is the most pure thing that you can put in your body. Are you drinking enough water? You don’t need to have eight cups of water like most articles say. What I would personally recommend is purchasing a large tumbler or any other piece of large drinkware that suits your fancy. Whether it is merchandise from your favourite show/film or just a design that you admire, use it and keep drinking water as an excuse to use your container.

Monitor Your Food: Sometimes, we like to chow down a little. Other times, we chow down a lot. How much are we putting into our bodies and what exactly is being put into our bodies? You are in control of what your vessel intakes. Check the nutrition labels to see how much you are putting in your body. Calorie and health tracking apps for your mobile devices can be the best little helper.

Get a Good Night’s Rest: We all need our beauty rest. There is no doubt about it. With the right amount of sleep, your body will thank you the very next day. Six to eight hours of sleep should suffice for you. Have a cup of decaffeinated tea approximately half an hour before bed and settle down with a television show or a movie. While some people advise to turn off technology, I personally fall asleep to some background noise.

Work Out: This isn’t everyone’s most favourite thing in the world, but it is a necessity much like food, water, and rest. However, an intense workout at the gym isn’t always as important as you think. Start off with something simple such as squats in your bedroom or taking a walk for thirty minutes to an hour. Do this at least three to four times a week. Your body will get used to these small exercises and will soon feel the energy and the need to improve your workout routine.

Expand Your Mind and Soul.

Read a Book: Take the time to sit down and read either a book you have read over and over, or read something that has piqued your interest. Whether it be a book series about a little wizard boy or a cheesy romance novel, read what fits your fancy.

Reach Out To Loved Ones: We often rely on communicating with others through social media, texts, or phone calls. Other times, if you are willing to put pants on, you will go out and visit the people who hold near and dear. Let your loved ones know you keep them in mind and that you appreciate them.

Breathe: This is the most vital and important step. Do not forget to breathe. Take deep breaths if you find yourself stressed or exasperated. When you feel as though your head could erupt, take deep breaths.

Do not forget to take care of yourselves every single day. A little can most definitely go a long way.

Carry on, my wayward sisters.


Gabriella Batres

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Gabriella Batres hails from the magical kingdom of Orlando, FL with her family, her laptop, her books and her many posters of her favourite fictional characters. She enjoys reading comic books, watching her favourite films and television shows, dabbling into British culture, and has been writing for ten years. She is a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, a humanitarian, moscato connoisseur, and speaks fluently in sarcasm and British slang. In her senior year of college, she is majoring in communication studies.

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