Mompreneur: 5 Tips to Managing Your Business


Managing your business can be hard by itself. Throw in managing an entire household including cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids? It starts to feel daunting and downright impossible.

Tip #1 Write a To Do List

Writing out a to-do list is incredibly helpful in managing your business. Take 10 minutes first thing in the morning while you’re drinking your morning coffee. Or at the end of the day while you’re winding down with a glass of wine. Pick a time that works for you and stick with it. But you also need to figure out what’s the best way for you to follow your list. Are you an old school pen and paper kind of girl? Or is technology and an app on your phone more your speed? Again, find what works for you and stick with it. Personally, I’m more of a pen and paper kind of girl, nothing is more satisfying to me than being able to physically cross something off my list. Which is why something like this would be perfect and brings us to the next tip.

Tip #2 Prioritize Your List

Prioritization is key in preventing burnout. Looking at a list of 20+ items every day is enough to make you go crazy. That’s why managing your business needs to be done in the best way possible. Work smarter not harder. By organizing up your to-do list with what needs to be done today, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to work through your list and cross items off. On top of that, you’ll have less stress weighing you down. If you get spare time throughout the day, then you can start tackling those other items that aren’t as much of a priority.

Tip #3 Set a Routine

It’s easy to be set into a routine when you have a job. You have set hours when you’re at work, but when you’re home 100% of the time it’s not as easy to make the time. I cannot stress the importance of having a routine enough. Don’t have a block of 8 hours? That’s fine, but you do need to figure out what works for you. Does it work better to get up early before everyone else and work after the kids go to bed? Or it could be that your kids are in school and you work the same hours they’re gone during the day? Either way, you need to figure out a schedule that works for you and managing your business and stick with it. If you don’t set yourself up with a routine, you’ll never get anything done.

Tip #4 Create Boundaries

One of the biggest issues mom’s can have is guilt. When you take time away from doing that extra load of laundry or ordering takeout instead of making a home cooked meal, it’s easy to feel like you need to step back into your mom role and away from your entrepreneur role. But when you’re starting and managing your business you need to remember your reason why. Realize when you set those boundaries for yourself and others around you, it’s so you can accomplish your goals. It’ll be a struggle in the beginning especially if you have to say no to date nights, family barbecues, or girls nights out, but think of all the weight that will be lifted off your shoulders when you’re running your own business and living your dreams.

Tip #5 Automation, Automation, Automation

Set it and forget it. Ever hear that before? The hamster wheel of routine is something you’re probably used to from working a job, but this is something you want to get away from. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do something once and then never have to do it again because it automatically is done for you? I don’t know about you, but making money while I’m sleeping has always been at the top of my to-do list. Managing your business as a mompreneur can be hard and you definitely don’t want to make things harder on yourself. The best way to make things easier is with automation.


Alexandria is a wife, a mom, an author, and a small business owner. But most of all, she's a mompreneur that is set on kicking ass and taking names. The word free-time isn't even in her vocabulary. She has some pretty lofty goals including sticking it to the man, by bringing home not only herself but her husband as well. But she doesn't want to just stop there. She wants to teach you all everything she knows and learns so you too can become your own #BossBabe!

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