Monday Motivation

It’s Monday and the theme of the day is to keep going.

It seems easy enough to accomplish except on the days when it really isn’t. There are days when I can not think of a good enough reason to finish my assignments or get to the end of the week on a good note because there have been so many things piling up. It’s a nice idea to start every Monday with a new perspective on things and with a clean, new, point of view, but sometimes that isn’t a possible perspective. Sometimes we have to just keep going. We have to keep pushing through the mud of our every day lives so we don’t just give up and sink.

We just have to keep going.

It’s Monday and it’s ok to step back and try to remember why you started your journey, whatever it may be, and remind yourself of why you have to keep going. This is your life and you have made it this far on your own power of will. So, when the time comes to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, don’t be scared to look back at the roads you’ve taken that got you here. Nothing has been coincidental and if you really want something you’re already on the path to it by having the courage to want it.

It’s Monday and the theme of the day is to keep going because we have an entire week and lifetime to get through and the only way to do it is through the belief that everything will turn out alright because it has and it will.

Amanda Estrada

Writing my way through the world and eating all the good food along the way. Traveling, art and mental health activism are my passions. Follow all my adventures on IG or SN: Mayyrain

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