More Than Average Education: Going Above and Beyond

I’m almost 100% positive that everyone has heard in some form or another, that education is important. The vast majority of parents or caregivers try to make sure their kids understand that an education is the passport to being successful in life. And I am a direct product of that. I’m lucky enough to have had parents and role models to not only tell me, but show me that education takes you higher. I had it from the very beginning, so I knew I would be in school for the long haul. After all, I had big dreams since I was a little girl, and those dreams required me to be in school for longer than most people. And even still, I’m going for more than average education.

But I’m not talking about having multiple degrees (even though that’s amazing as well, of course, but it’s certainly not required). What I’m talking about, are other avenues of education. Those that are maybe a lot less prestigious, but every bit as useful for reaching those goals we set for ourselves as entrepreneurs and business women. Simple things that may have been missed while we were coming up in school. Little things that make all the difference. Things such as how to (really) manage your money, basic business concepts, etc. And in todays world, there is a wealth of information, right at our fingertips.

It doesn’t have to be about paying a tuition fee and attending classes to get a degree.

It’s as simple as picking up a book about finances. Or looking for an online course that’s specific to your needs. I want to encourage you to get creative with your own education and think outside of the box. What do you want to do? What can you do to enhance yourself on an intellectual level that applies to your goals? Ask yourself these questions. You might be surprised to find that you can get farther, for much less. Here are some less travelled routes with regard to education.


Visit the Bookstore

We know that books literally cover every subject there ever was. From makeup, to fashion, to money, to cooking and beyond. The amount of self help books out there, in every subject is too much to ignore. I’m trying to read more business books, and they definitely do help change the way you look at things. It may just be the change, inspiration or motivation you need.


One word: YouTube

I feel like this one is self explanatory and very much used, but I couldn’t leave it out. In case you need reminding though, I promise, YouTube can teach you almost anything. Amazing content creators are out there, filming their knowledge to pass it on to anyone who needs it, even going so far as to create entire series videos on a subject/topic. Because anyone can do it, it’s not the most reliable, but overall, it’s a good source. Go ahead and make use of it.


Online Courses

This may or may not lead to some kind of credential and may be for a few months or even a few hours. But the most important thing is that you reach your learning objectives. Find what’s right for you and your goals. You might do it through a local college or with the company you work with. Don’t limit yourself though. You may find the help you need in some form of an online master class or joining a network [HEY BossBabe Academy!;)]. It’s all there to find online. Just do the clicking babe!



Nothing is a better teacher than experience. However, if you’re too young in your business, the time just hasn’t passed yet for you to have all this experience. This is where having a mentor comes in handy. They can help you along the way to grow into the business woman you want to be, offering the wisdom that comes with their time and success.


These are just a few ways to get you going. Trust me, there are more, I’m sure of it. Education is limitless. But I hope this post has helped you to think a little differently on your own education and just exactly how you can expand your knowledge so you can have a more than average education. Comment on any ways you have gone above and beyond to push your career. Be sure to share this post with anyone else who might need a little push forward to help them in their business ventures!

Marisa Johnson

Beauty Blogger and Aspiring Business Maven

Marisa Johnson is a full time medical student with a creativity streak satisfied through her immersion the world of blogging and video creation. In between reading medical textbooks, blogging about beauty, and creating video content for youtube, she is also getting in on the business world, building her brand in the blog and youtube communities. She aspires to inspire women in business and medicine to be motivated and take charge of their own dreams, to make them reality.


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