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I am a proud Mexicana and as so, I love to hear when people from different backgrounds have something to say about us.
Most of the time, they comment on our beautiful skin color, our beautiful culture or how we always travel with all of our family (yeah, I take that as a compliment).
This is my personal experience, I’m obviously excluding the racist media. The social media jerks and other horrible people who insist on humiliating us.
I will save that topic for another post.

This past weekend, I decided to go get my nails done with my best friend. She has gone to this nail salon a couple of times and was waiting for her favorite nail tech to be available. While waiting, she started telling me about another nail tech who is very vocal about his dating life.
Being as shy and quiet as I am, I do not engage in conversations nor do I expect detailed stories to be shared with me.

I enjoy my haircuts, nails done or anything else in silence. However, little did I know, that silence would be something completely unknown to this man.
He had a lot to say and a lot of questions to ask: “Do you know any cute Mexicanas?”. I of course, laughed at the question,”duh, they are everywhere.” I responded sarcastically. He started telling me that he loved Mexican women. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of five years and felt ready to start dating. To my surprise, this was only the beginning of how weird things would get.

He mentioned wanting to date a woman without the drama, the crazy family, and the desire to tell our moms everything.
Wait. What?? What is that??!! Are you rubbing your eyes to see if what I typed is correct??? Yes!!

We aren’t dramatic, we are extremely passionate! Let me repeat that, we are passionate women! We feel with every pore in our body! It’s just how we were made. Often times people have the wrong idea. We aren’t dramatic, we are not anything like the novelas on Univision. We are people that feel everything. How can we not feel it when everything in this country is set to go against us? The family is and will forever be an added bonus. You not only date us, you date la madre, la abuela and todas las demas! We, my friend, are a package deal! I want to add to that, we are a wonderful package. I mean where else are you gonna get that at home feeling when you are traveling? Or when you are living on your own and only mami can help with that recipe on those difficult days?

Honestly, think about it, what is a woman without her family? We are born into huge families and that’s how we live. No matter how far away we are, we carry in our hearts, every single family member. Trust me.. I know! Asking for a woman with minimal family contact is just a stupid request. This man was so conflicted, by asking for a person of any background, to be without, the very thing that makes her who she is.

I left in complete shock! Before I left he asked if I was married, or if I was dating someone. I laughed at the question and payed him for his services.
I could have responded with anger that had built up.
I could of gone on and on about how great we are.
I could have told him that he could have seen the greatness in his ex-girlfriend’s family; if he would have given them a chance.

I instead… smiled at the fact, that everyone is entitled to their opinions.

When I shared the story with my mom, (yes, my mom was the first person I told), she was surprised that someone had the audacity to ask something like that.
In the end we have to accept ourselves for everything that we are. I can’t describe how incredible it feels to be who I am. In the skin tone that I am. With the family and friends I was placed with. I am still working on certain things about myself (loving myself entirely), but we are here to better our experience and hopefully help one another.

Loving yourself includes who comes into your life, loves you and accepts you. Do not accept anything less than what you truly deserve!

Ayime Sabah

My name is Ayime, I was born in to a very traditional Mexican family. From a very young age I learned how important it was to be a Mexican- American child. It took me a really long time to finally accept myself for everything that I was. I am a very proud Mexican- American woman, a proud feminista, I believe in equality and I believe in power to the Mexican-American woman. I believe in feminine greatness. Life of a Prickly Pear is an homage to my culture, to those hardworking women I've been around my entire life. Most importantly, this blog is dedicated to those women I've been around my entire life. Most Importantly this blog is dedicated to those women who, like me, were placed in the middle of two completely different cultures.

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