Not Just a Lump of Coal – Exploring Charcoal for Beauty & Health

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

There is a great buzz,  lately, around charcoal and its apparent variety of benefits for our health and skincare and in treatment for bites, rashes, anti-aging etc. Activated charcoal has been documented as being highly absorbent of most poisons and toxins before they can harm our bodies and is probably one of the reasons that this black powder has been used for thousands of years in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Activated charcoal, not to be confused with our everyday grilling charcoal, is fast becoming one of the most popular new must have ingredients in everything from health products and supplements to makeup and beauty products as it has incredible effects reaching across all these sectors.

So what exactly does this “new age miracle powder” do? Let me fill you in…


Activated Charcoal for skincare

There’s a reason why you will increasingly find activated charcoal in makeup and skincare products. There’s evidence to suggest that charcoal can not only greatly help in reducing acne but also in preventing further breakouts. It is also antibacterial and an exfoliant which helps in leaving skin clear and glowing.

Mix together activated charcoal, honey, turmeric and apple cider vinegar with water to make a paste. Apply on skin as a great mask.

Removal of toxins

Activated charcoal for removal of toxins

Many toxic compounds like pesticides for example, attach themselves to the activated charcoals surface, which in turn helps in preventing the body from absorbing these toxins. Due to this process of the toxins being eliminated from the body, prior to any absorption, through the charcoal, it is a commonly used method of treatment in emergency and doctors rooms.

Keeping your Pearly Whites

Activated charcoal for whiter teeth

One of the most well known uses of charcoal are for the whitening of teeth. As mentioned earlier in this article, activated charcoal is an absorbent which causes the plaque from teeth as well as stains caused by everyday foods, to attach to and be removed by the charcoal. As it is also anti-inflammatory, charcoal improves your overall dental health including strengthening gums and preventing tooth decay.

Mix equal parts activated charcoal to water and gargle. This will help cleanse your mouth and remove stains from your teeth.

Stop the Bloat

Activated charcoal to stop bloat

We know, by now, that activated charcoal is highly absorbent which is why it is so beneficial with conditions like acid reflux and a bloated stomach. The charcoal absorbs the gasses that cause these uncomfortable conditions and deflates your tummy.

Kidney Function

Activated charcoal health benefits

There is evidence to suggest that charcoal may help to promote kidney function as it reduces the amount of waste products that the kidneys would need to filter. Research shows that toxins in the body bind to the charcoal, helping to eliminate them from the body which lessens the work load on the kidneys.

No More Hangover

Activated charcoal hangover cure

Party animals will love this benefit. There is research showing that charcoal may be the new magic hangover cure. It is inferred that charcoal may reduce blood alcohol levels, when taken with the alcohol. So now there may be a way to have that extra cocktail without the hangover.

Please note that all supplements /products etc should always be cleared with your doctor/medical professional first, before ingesting. Our opinions/articles are not meant to replace those of your doctor.

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Arita Bagwandin CEO, Blogger, Editor, Social Media Personality
Arita Bagwandin CEO, Blogger, Editor, Social Media Personality
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