Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

There are only two assurances in life – death and taxes, but I know of one constant, and that’s change.

Change has the tendency to be a blind item – it can be good, bad, or strong variances of either one. There is very little gray area with change, and how we react to it defines its outcome. That being said, we will have to deal with it in our lifetime, so here are a few thoughts on what to do when the time comes.

Accept It

Change is inevitable, but that does not mean you have to like it. First and foremost, accept it for what it is, and keep going. The next few days and/or weeks may be tough depending on what that change is, so deal with what you have in front of you. It’s happened, and now you’re going with it. You are a part of the change versus a victim of it.

Cry It Out

Reality sets in sometimes and we don’t like what has just happened to us – so, emotion takes over and we get upset. Let it happen. Cry it out, release the pent up emotion, and deal with it. They could be happy or sad tears, but we have to release it if we want a chance of being able to get over it. Otherwise, we’ll just be a mass of built up emotion with nowhere to go.

Bitch and Moan

Hey, just because you’ve accepted the change does not mean you like it. You have a right to be upset – you’re going to deal with it, and you will have to move past it, but let off the steam so you can move on and grow. Yell, scream, maybe even kick a little bit – the air, not a person – but let it out – verbally. You’ll feel better; the catharsis will benefit the situation and your mentality.

Move On

Most important aspect of change? Growing and moving on. It has occurred, you’ve accepted it, and now, you’re continuing to live. Do not allow it to get the best of you — you will get the best of it – or at least make the best of it as you can. Take the appropriate time that you need, but move on when you can. That’s the real test of strength.

Find Your Center

Who you choose to talk to while you’re dealing with the change will help determine your outcome. Think about what I just said… if you talk to someone who spins everything in a negative light, you will continue to feel negatively. If you speak with someone who helps you find the positive in the situation, you’ll see the silver lining. It may take some time, but you’ll find it. Always surround yourself with a group that keeps you centered, especially at time when you are not feeling grounded. This is pivotal at this time. It is what can save you in the long run.

Get the Most Out of It

It’s possible there is a bigger lesson to be learned from the change, and we just need to be along for the ride. Sometimes it’s a small change, and sometimes it’s a BIG one – either way, we need to see what we can learn from the bigger picture and make sure we apply that to our everyday life and learnings. In the event we do not, we’re more than likely missing a major puzzle piece in front of us. If we can’t learn something from the challenges, we’re not looking at it the right way.

Get Out of It (Need Be)

Occasionally, whatever the change may be, it’s not something we’re comfortable with. If this is the case, remove yourself from the situation – if it’s professional, find a new position. Friendship related, find a new friend group, if it involves a relationship, involve yourself with someone new, and if the situation calls for something else, determine your appropriate exit. Do not second guess yourself, just proceed appropriately.

The most difficult aspect with change is that it often immediately elicits an emotional response – so while you try to keep a level head, you are working against yourself and your thoughts. You will need to figure out what works for you. Change is very personal for each person – but nothing is more important than who you talk to and who you turn to. Your central unit is your everything. Find them and hold them dear.

Kristin Blitch

Kristin’s full time gig allows her to be a Jill-of-all-trades with a focus in marketing. It also provides opportunities to brainstorm, communicate, encourage, and work with some of the brightest women on a daily basis-- she’s incredibly lucky. When not working, she’s continually checking the feeds of her social channels, combing blogs and sites for the latest and greatest business trends, reading (and listening) to books, catching up on pop culture, finding the next television show to binge watch, purchasing her next vinyl, and finding new and creative ways to feed the economy by wasting money on her dogs.

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