Happy New Year: Get On the Right Track in 2017

Happy New Year, Boss Babes! Welcome to 2017. We made it! Now that the holidays are over and the celebrations have wound down, it’s time to kick it into high gear for the year ahead. Let’s get on the right track to have an amazing 2017. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re ready to prosper!

On the Right Track in 2017

1. Start With a Clean Slate

How to email your list without stressing outStarting the New Year with a clean slate is an important step to getting on the right track. Let’s face it. So much has happened over the past 366 days. There were ups, downs, good, bad and everything in between.

I’m not suggesting you forget about anything that happened last year. The idea here is that you forgive yourself for any “failures” and move past them [and if you’ve learned anything be careful about labeling anything a failure]. What worked well this year? Hopefully you were able to grab some of the lessons in all that you’ve been through.

Figure out what you’d like to carry forward into the future and don’t dwell on anything that’s staying behind.

Suggestion: Don’t move into 2017 carrying regret and disappointment.


2. Set Some Goals

Goal setting might be one of the most important ways to get on the right track, especially in the new year. Get clear about the things you want to accomplish. Differentiate between short and long term goals.

Deciding where to place your focus will help you make more intentional moves this year. This way, each step forward will have direction. Make your 2017 goals things that will really make a difference in your life.

Writing down goals and keeping them in plain sight has its benefits. Don’t be afraid to add details as well. When you make goals and think practically about the process, it makes the goals more attainable. Sometimes things will change and the plan you set for a goal won’t happen the way you assumed. That’s okay. Make a plan anyway and focus on progress.

Suggestion: Write your goals down in you own handwriting and look at them daily.


3. Get a Planner AND USE IT

on the right trackIf you’re anything like me you have a LOT to get done most days. Trying to mentally keep track of everything can be a bit much.

Planners have been my saving grace. Being able to see your to-do lists makes things easier. People love buying planners, pens and anything that gives the illusion of organization, but it’s important to actually USE your tools.

Instead of accidentally double booking you can flip to dates in your planner to see what you’ve already scheduled. Having visual representation of all of your responsibilities can help you make realistic and attainable goals.

Many people struggle with time management. Using a planner can help you gain an understanding of where you are spending your time vs. what still needs to be done. When you have a handle on this you can better plan your days.

Suggestion: Get a planner that breaks time down by the hour if you’re working on time management. 


4. Find Accountability

Accountability is important to not only getting on the right track but also staying there. There are many methods for accountability. Figure out which ways work best for you this year.

Having daily or weekly check-ins is one way to achieve accountability. You can also keep yourself accountable with interactive to-do lists. Crossing items off of a to-do list also helps track progress. Moving unfinished items to the next day’s tasks ensures that you are giving attention to everything you have planned.

Sharing your tasks publicly is another method. Your tribe can play a major part in this. However, you need to remember these are your responsibilities.

Suggestion: Utilize your tribe but don’t rely too heavily on others to make sure you’re getting your work done.

Now that we’ve taken these steps, we’re ready to conquer the year ahead!

It wouldn’t hurt to revisit these steps intermittently throughout the year to make sure you are still on track.

Suggestion: Grab some of your girlfriends and have a “Get on the Right Track” party! Squad up and keep each other accountable. Do this and watch how you and your crew flourish this year!


Tiffanie Bernard

Tiffanie is the Founder and CEO of Embodi Collective, THE place for all things indie, plus size and dope! We’re pretty sure that she was born with the creative bug. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for designing and creating. Her most recent endeavors have lead her to women's fashion. Tiffanie understands the importance of developing your own personal style and how difficult it can be to find the right pieces to bring it all together. Embodi Collective is the answer to that need.

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