One event, not the end

Ofcourse we will feel disappointment from time to time or maybe even feel like a major failure. A word that in my world should be banned for there is only growth… would we tell a baby that it failed at its first fall…. HELL no!  We’re applauding it..taking it on camera…celebrating the growth..the courage it had to take the leap.  So now….what are you gonna tell yourself? Are you gonna applaud yourself for your courage..the insight and wisdom you gathered to take it to the next level…or are you gonna see only the fall. One day you’ll be running you know. Maybe performing some amazing tricks. It`s very important that you are grateful for these moments. They give you the opportunity to become more and better and then you will get more of that. New doors will open up to take you to the top…on the other hand…..


What you focus on WILL get bigger so choose your perception wisely. It will be the crossing to your future. Choose to go left or right. It’s all up to you. Don’t focus on the disappointment. Rather focus on the fact that you paved another piece of your path. Another brick in the wall of your solid foundation. Don’t go for the instant coffee. Know what you have to offer. Good things take time and meanwhile …. remember to enjoy the journey ….smell the aroma of the beans while grinding them….work on your unique flavor, enjoy pouring your first cup…..and DON’T give up. A good coffee takes skill and even if you make the best you have to find a way to let people know of its existence… So what is your perception gonna be? Are you that fine tuning entrepreneur always looking for improvement. Envisioning the long-term result success. Or will you be….well never mind. I’m not even gonna speak it….you are a SUCCES…and nothing less!


The first step on the path of positive perception is to feel the excitement of things going different this time. Make a list of all the things that went perfect. All the things you were grateful for. The people who helped you get there. The things that went effortlessly and all the things you adored in your own creation. Unique to you. Compliment yourself. You’ll notice that there is always a bigger percentage of things you did well rather than things that needed adjustment ( see what I did there no… things are NEVER wrong only asking for improvement). As you read it you may think.. Sure! Ofcourse the bigger part always goes well. Little chance that you mess up so big that the percentages are reversed. Then why? Why are you focusing on what went wrong most of the time. Creating is just a matter of adjusting, fine-tuning. The trap is to get caught and stuck in the tunnel of  “failure” or “not good enough” for too long. Maybe you will not even get out of it anymore. So let’s see it for what it is. However painful it might have been it’s past tense. Get up and take charge!

Let’s start creating the new scenario. Write down what you can do differently when the next opportunity comes along. Ask your deep self and take the time to listen for your inner voice does not shout and you need to make the connection. You need to plug in. Get out of your head into your heart where the answers come easily and wisdom flows. The mind will only want to point out the dangers of you trying again for it is built to make you survive. Dont let its fear win…take a few breathes and let your heart in.


Or should I say feel what you visualize. Are you familiar with the 17 second rule? (A. Hicks) This will help you get back into flow. Take a timer. On youtube you can find some amazing 5 minute count down sounds. Close your eyes. Turn it on and imagine / see yourself in the wanted situation. Feel the excitement of things going different this time.. preferably glory and victory ofcourse but if that’s one step too far from what you can believe then take it down a little to the level where it feels good and credible.

Wooh…there you go! Feel the energy flow. Let it run through your body like wild horses breaking free. And know.. that this is who you choose to be. Just 17 second will get the energy moving. Do it 68 seconds and things are moving in your favor. Make that decision! Practice this a minute every day and I promise you things will go another way.
yeah baby…YOU are going UP
YOU are going to the top!

With all my love,

Tineke Janssen

Tineke Janssen

For as long as I can remember I love to inspire and motivate people. As I got into the Law of Attraction my passion even fired up haha. It's such a wonderful life tool. I like to write about how to use this concept in your business. Be consistent and see yourself & your business grow. No really. If you only knew what the right focus can do for you! Try it out for yourself. I'm a law of attraction coach dying to share "the Secret(s)" with you! With all my love, Tineke Janssen

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