Five Tips to Opening Doors for Yourself in Business

Opening doors for yourself in business is essential to being fruitful and self-reliant. As a lady, you may be used to others opening doors for you. As a man, you open the door for others. A parent may be used to opening everything for just about everyone. But, how about opening the door for yourself? But instead of this doorway leading into a mall or gas station, it leads into the world of business.

It time to choose a path.
Don’t wait for the doors to open, open them yourself.

Some people have this misconception that leaders put into business because of their connections, a stroke of luck or favor. The key to starting a business, obtaining that promotion or getting noticed in general is to do everything possible to find an avenue for yourself.

Opening Doors for Yourself in Business QuickTip: Change your Mindset

Changing your mindset is one of the keys to opening doors for yourself in business. First, it’s time to decide that you want to be a boss, instead of a worker. Though, do not rest on the idea that you will be Queen Bee, reigning over all the worker bees without lifting a finger, being a boss takes more time, effort and hard work than being a worker. Being a boss or higher-up means that it will take dedication, you have to decide that you want to run a business or move up the ladder, more than you want anything else.

Changing your mindset is not simply about deciding to be in business; you must commit to being a business oriented person. One must be willing to make personality adjustments, budget and plan.

Opening Doors for Yourself in Business QuickTip #2: Alter your Image

Next, spruce up your image. This makeover includes the way you present yourself as well as the way you view yourself. An important person carries their self as such. Take the time to dress more professionally, add subtle jewelry, wear flattering clothes, opt for a modest heel. Clean up your social media; there are two routes to take. A) You can create a strictly business page that advertises your brand and gives a small insight into you as a person.  A business page helps others quickly identify you and what you stand for as well as the scope of your business.

Option A should dawn a straightforward and clear bio, a logo as a profile picture, and the contact information, as well as location, should be easy to locate. B) You can create a business page and a private page that is only visible to family and friends. A business page will push business ventures and general business information. Your pages should be kept free of any demeaning comments, behavior, or inappropriate photos.  Remember business is business and business is a brand.

Opening Doors for Yourself in Business Quick Tip #3: Gaining Experience and Connections

After you have your new mindset and look,  it is time to start the real work. Whether a newcomer or a veteran it is important to take every substantial, logical opportunity presented to you. For instance, if you are a writer, write for free, offer your services to different blogs, submit your short stories to anyone who will listen. The point is to make your mark and acknowledge those ahead of you.

Opening Doors for Yourself in Business QuickTip #4:  Do your Research

To open doors for yourself in business, you must know where you are going and how to get there. Consequently, it is essential that you do your research. Be knowledgeable about your field of work and those most prominent in it. Keep in mind resources you have and be realistic about what you have to offer in comparison to others.

Know your audience; appeal to those you wish to attract. A good business plan is nothing without equally effective advertisement. Be assertive and efficient.

The key to opening up business opportunities is thinking like a business woman, be strategic, be mindful and be confident. Below are a few articles that dig deeper into what it means to open up business opportunities and put yourself on the path to success.


Jatia is a senior at Coppin State University in Baltimore , MD. She enjoys spending time with her crazy , hilarious daughter Kennedi and enjoys writing blogs in her free time. She is currently trying to graduate school and hopes to write her own book one day.

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