Passive Income is Your New Best Friend

At the beginning of my entrepreneurhood, I traded hours for dollars. It was rad being my own boss and everything. But damn, that time clock. Sure I could work from the beach or my son’s baseball game, but I still had to put in all the hours to get the coin. It was all about active income. Enter the answer: passive income.

passive income

Imagine living in a world where you could be at said beach or baseball game earning money, but not technically working. Sounds pretty legit, right? It is. And even better: it’s totally possible.

Passive income sounds amazing. But I’m probably not cool enough.

Wrong! Are you a yoga instructor that’s an expert in relaxation techniques? A real estate agent that rocks at building your network? Awesome! Guess what? These are things that other boss babes will pay good money to learn more about!

Consider creating ecourses, webinars, or other paid content. Yes, creating valuable material and setting up the structure behind it takes work. Hard work. But do it all once and get paid for the same thing over and over again. Yes, please!

It’s not a dirty word.

Those are some super solid options. In fact, I have big plans along those lines. But if you don’t have the credibility, content, or audience right now, there is another choice for you. This is also a good option if you’re looking for something turn-key without all the hassle of setting up shop. Community commerce. Not familiar with the term? Network marketing. Yes, I said it. It used to be a dirty word. But times are changing. Actually, they already have.

The decline in traditional store shopping, coupled with the rise of social media and the entrepreneurial spirit, have changed the way we spend money. And it’s not going back. Everyone is buying everything online. Brick and mortar stores are closing every single day. And personal recommendations are the driving decision maker in what we buy. These are all facts. If this is dirty, I’ll be the dirtiest girl of them all. A dirty girl that understands the world we live in today.

Welcome to the future. Don’t wait. Get yours.

Tara Nelson

The Skincare CEO

Tara has been boss babing it since 2008 when she launched her own marketing business. Which, side note, included working with a celebrity or two. For the record, it was two. In 2015 she partnered with two of Forbes' richest self made women and world renowned dermatologists. The Skincare CEO and Team Skincare CEO were born. Entrepreneur, psychology degree holder and self-professed psychology nerd, Tara's expertise is helping women kick fear and doubt to the curb - and kick ass in business. Join Tara in Team Skincare CEO at: Connect with Tara at @theskincareceo on Facebook and Instagram.

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