Nicola Moras Shares Her Pathway To Entrepreneurship

front-page-pic-2The fear of leaving something comfortable for something bigger is one that has always haunted me. Regular pay, peace of mind, assurance from friends and family, and consistency, all play a big role in leading a normal life. Entrepreneurship can be tough when you’re looking at declining bank account, uncertainty about the next job, lack of consistency and self-doubt. But you won’t find the personal growth that comes from these obstacles in a 9-5 role and it certainly won’t grant you freedom.

The Path of Entrepreneurship

I wrote this to show you that being comfortable has benefits but being uncomfortable breeds integrity, resilience, financial independence, and strength. Nicola has accomplished more than most and it was through enduring hardship she made it here, which is why I’ve shared her story in this article.

I met Nicola Moras only a few days ago. I approached her to be my mentor and we got chatting about her road to entrepreneurship. Nicola left her six-figure corporate role to work as a visual branding and styling coach. Her story is crafted from blood, sweat, and tears as you’re about to find out.

Nicola was traveling around Australia, leaving her husband and three children at home in the pursuit of the ideal lifestyle. She strived to find this success and this came at a cost, she had spent all of her savings within 18 months. She had put together some roles and services but not enough. She was down to literally $300 in the bank. Broke, desperate and deciding that whether or she would have to move her entire family in with her in-laws, resilience presented her the clarity to continue.

She realigned and only focused on one niche, online coaching, and training. The results drove in $30 K in sales in the following month. She is now leading the life most of us dream about.

Our conversation led me to clarify what value I offer to others for my services. The second is to endure tough times for something better. Here is the exercise we talked through to establish my own goals, you should sit down and try this as you’re reading.

  1. Set a financial goal that will allow you to have all of the comforts you need in your life

  2. Decide what you would be doing if you had no financial burdens surrounding you right now

  3. Look at what value you’re currently offering and does this align with the way you would be spending your time if money wasn’t an issue

  4. Decide on your niche and stick with it. Make sure you apply 110% of your effort into delivering value to your clients in this area

This short exercise is a powerful tool, to show whether you’re headed in the right direction on your own journey or whether you need to realign your own path. If financial freedom is not an issue it will allow you to pursue other philanthropic endeavours and ultimately bring greater value to those around you.

I believe that many of us can learn from Nicola’s story it shows us that being comfortable is nice but pressure creates diamonds. See more of Nicola’s work here.



Kale Panoho

Kale Panoho is a digital marketer, personal trainer and growth hacker in the startup and health industry. His work has featured in the Huffington Post and John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. He is using these experiences to work as a consultant with new and existing business and educating clients about body composition and nutrition. Check out more of his work:

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