Why a Personal Brand is Not ALL About You

Clue’s in the name, right? Personal brand. But it’s not all about you. The key to any successful business is happy clients, whose problems have been resolved. But before we can reach this point, we first need to find these clients, and show them that they should choose our business above all others.

That is why the first step in your brand development process should be to determine your target audience. I tell my clients to imagine one person that they would consider to be their dream client. This can be a long and difficult task but, once completed, will help to determine the exact type of person they are targeting through their brand.

Defining Your Target Audience

Who do you really want to work with? Think about their age, gender, profession. What are their interests? What holds them back from achieving their goals. This should be perhaps the most specific part of your branding process. Your brand should represent you and be something that you are proud of but, ultimately, it should appeal to the exact type of person you want to work with.

When thinking about your target audience, consider what you have to offer; not only your business, but you. Do you have shared experiences with a particular group of people? Or perhaps you have specific skills, unrelated to your business, that could help certain people even further. Think about the type of person you will naturally appeal to, and vice versa.

Finding the Balance

Creating your personal brand is a clever balancing act. We must find a way to represent our own values and services, while also forming a connection with prospective clients. Think about a brand that you admire. What first drew you to them? In most cases, it is the ‘vibe’ they present.

So now you see, a personal brand is not all about you. You are running a business for other people, and it is these people that you brand design and development should be focused towards.

Kerry Johnson

Kerry is a business and mindset coach, with over ten years experience working freelance. Her mission is to nurture close working relationships, to help female entrepreneurs establish a strong online presence and develop a mindset for success.

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