Power Up Your Business With a Power Partner

Elisabeth Vezanni

Ready to take your business to the next level? Girl, get yourself a power partner. Someone in your own business or a complimentary one that has your back. Your business will thank you.

Recently I was lucky enough to pick the brain of one of my favorite boss babes in all the land. My friend, Elisabeth Vezzani, co-founded Sugarwish with her power partner, Leslie Lyon. And together, they are basically taking over the gifting world. Sugarwish has the attention of the “Today” show, and magazines like In Style, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, People, and more. These girls are on fire. Here’s Elisabeth’s advice…

What advice do you have about working with a power partner?

E: Most importantly, choose someone with different strengths but the same values. Starting up is hard…and stressful. Remember that your partner will be your one and only true companion on this journey–so take care of each other.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs just getting started?

E: Get going. It is so easy to find things to keep fixing and tweaking but you have to get comfortable with the idea that momentum is more important to your business than perfection.

What is your best tip for creating business buzz?

E: Having an idea that is “buzz worthy” helps. Speak up and take every opportunity to talk about your idea and your company. I spoke about Sugarwish for 3 minutes at one event in California 2 years ago. One of the people in that audience has purchased thousands of gifts from us over the last 2 years. You just never know who is listening —so be sure you are talking. When looking for other ways to promote your business, try different things and see what sticks, and to find out where your audience really is. (You might be surprised.) Some of our biggest, and best, customers have found us on Instagram, which is not at all what we had expected.

power partner

What is the best part about having a power partner?

E: The best part about having a partner changes over the life of the business. In the beginning, it’s the fun of the collaboration—of building an idea together. Then, it’s having someone else to share the excitement of turning the idea into something tangible. Once the business is up and running, it’s having someone who understands what you are going through, and has been with you for the whole ride.

No matter what your business, get yourself a power partner. I have one! (Hi, Leslie!) Collaboration and accountability make businesses thrive. And plus, it’s a just helluva lot more fun!

Tara Nelson

The Skincare CEO

Tara has been boss babing it since 2008 when she launched her own marketing business. Which, side note, included working with a celebrity or two. For the record, it was two. In 2015 she partnered with two of Forbes' richest self made women and world renowned dermatologists. The Skincare CEO and Team Skincare CEO were born. Entrepreneur, psychology degree holder and self-professed psychology nerd, Tara's expertise is helping women kick fear and doubt to the curb - and kick ass in business. Join Tara in Team Skincare CEO at: skincareceo.com. Connect with Tara at @theskincareceo on Facebook and Instagram.

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