Purpose and Progress with Puno

The hardest part of starting the entrepreneurial journey and growing your personal brand is deciding where to begin. From growing social media to multiplying your email list or cold calling prospects everyone argues on what you need to do. All of these things can be monetized.

So what do you choose?

Where do you start?

I spoke to Puno who gave me the answers on how you can do all of these things at once. Puno is the founder of peoplemap.co, the owner of the Instagram page – madewithmap which has 107,000 followers and owns her own IG marketing course which is hosted on ilovecreatives.com.

Puno discussed with me what it takes to grow a social following, turn this into a business and break away from the 9-9. Like anything though our story begins with hard work.

In 2011 online gaming was hitting its mark. Online shooters were a huge competition for men and some women of all ages and our friend Puno was at the forefront of this revolution. Puno worked as a user experience (UX) designer for Activision in 2011 creating the UX for the $15 billion Call of Duty franchise. Within 6 months, she was promoted to UX director.

For three years Puno worked as director of UX for the franchise and was doing upwards of 60 hours a week. There came a breaking point, 3 years into the project. She was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. She left for Thailand with her partner for 5 weeks and started creating her road map to success.

In 2013 Puno started growing two Instagram accounts, her own personal account, and the other madewithmap. For 6 months she would spend an hour a day commenting, liking and connecting with other influencers with real authentic content. The result? Puno went from 13 followers to 1000 real followers on both accounts in 6 months. For many of us now, this would seem like a terrible ROI but this system gave her a scalable strategy to use in the long term.

Her system showed that if you post great content and engage accordingly with the right comments that Instagram growth isn’t limited to any particular type of account. Both her personal account and her business account grew at the same rate.This taught her three things:

  1. You need to connect with the other influencers in your space to be able to grow
  2. Your content needs to be good and you need to leave authentic comments and engage with the right followings
  3. Her strategy was replicable and scaleable

From here Puno created peoplemap.co with her husband using her own growth strategy outlined above. Peoplemap.co is one the most scalable tools for measuring the growth of your own Instagrams account or a client’s, measuring the impact of working with influencers on any campaign, analyze an accounts engagement and much, much more.

Brands such as Levi’s ® and the Girlfriend Collective are just a couple of the names using peoplemap as a part of their own marketing strategies.

Speaking with Puno she said that two things determined her success:

  1. Sincere consistent work
  2. Creating a personal brand that people recognized and associated with

Success is a matter of perseverance and hard work. Puno’s story is a testament to this.

If you want to see more of Puno you can follow her journey here.


Kale Panoho

Kale Panoho is a digital marketer, personal trainer and growth hacker in the startup and health industry. His work has featured in the Huffington Post and John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. He is using these experiences to work as a consultant with new and existing business and educating clients about body composition and nutrition. Check out more of his work: www.kalepanoho.com

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