Ready to tackle your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018


As we are saying Goodbye to 2017, we tend to confront ourselves with what we have achieved from our early resolution and what we have missed doing. According to statistics only 8% of the people, who stick to their new year’s resolution successfully, how about the rest of us? I bet you join the line with the rest who set many and harvest nothing.

 “If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it”

It’s only about finding the right tools to help us stick with our resolution.

Here are simple tools you can follow to make your new year’s resolution for 2018 work:

The 1st thing you set is a GOAL but it can’t be any goal, you have to be specific about it.

For example: if you are aiming for being healthy this year, you can’t just write your goal as this year I want to be healthy. As the word itself carries a lot within it may mean healthy food, healthy lifestyle, being in shape, being fit or doing exercise regularly, so your goals have to be specific, achievable and measurable.

So the right statement for this goal will be as follows, I want to be healthy by adding a simple exercise like walking 3 times a week for 3o minutes.

The 2nd once you carry on with your goal, you have to evaluate your progress every week to measure what you have achieved so far and what you have to improve or adjust in order to achieve it properly.

 You have a dream, you have got to protect.

How? By measuring your performance frequently so you can check if you are on the right track.

A lot of us set up a goal and follow it, and then forget to measure how far they cut so they didn’t see any results which are playing a huge role of making the process alive, that check will energize your soul to keep going until you are done with it.

The 3rd be patient with your goals. Never let yourself to quit something from the beginning as lasting changes take time to be noticed and doing something small today will move you a little towards your goals. Once you set up a goal that you believe will take your whole life in another direction, pay attention to your inner resistance as it will try to distract you and fill your mind with illusions. The moment you block your insecurities and fears and go along with your goal in your heart and mind no matter difficult it seems or hard it looks. This is the moment that you will be unleashing your true potential and spreading your wings to fly with your dreams.

The last thing, hold accountable in front of the people you trust most in your life so they can lift up your spirits and encourage you to go on when things turn down and leave you stumbled. They will work as your cheerleader but the most import thing is that you have to be your own cheerleader.

So I decided to be accountable for my 2018’s resolutions and share it with you in my next post and now it’s your turn to think of your new year’s resolution and let us hold accountability for each other.

You can e-mail yours to me at to be published on my Instagram (stand_unique) and let the universe open up for your new life, new dreams and new opportunities so it can send back a bundle of hope and inspiration to walk with you until you make your dreams come true.


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Menna Tolba is an Artcraft Maker. She seeks inspiration in Art as a whole from writing, designing to painting beside her love for fashion and styling. She sees that a powerful single word can change someone's life by motivating them to do their best, uplifting their spirits, changing their looks and being comfortable with who they are. she has translated her writing pieces to an art piece that carry happiness and hopes to others through her business Nana Galleria <3 She believes in Rumi " What you seek is seeking you" Her Instagram stand_unique

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