Road Trip: Driving Factors For Success

The road to a successful life is a journey; a road trip to success, if you will.  I like to think of my daily ventures as part of my journey to some place, with several sight-seeing stops along the way.  I spend a lot of my day commuting to and from work, the gym, the grocery store, and back home again.  While on one of my daily road trips, I came to the realization that the drive was an interesting metaphor for the way driving factors for success were rolling out in front of me.

Follow The Signs

When you’re driving on the highway, its easy to point out the signs all around you.  Between speed limits, mile markers, exit signs, chevron signs, and the ever popular “Road Work Ahead” signs, it seems almost impossible to find empty space.  This is very similar to signs that the Universe places in your path. I’m big on the Law of Attraction— in other words, I try my best to put out what I want to get back.  On this “Road to Success,” however, it’s very easy to lose your way and start to ignore the directions the Universe is trying to give you from the backseat.  In times of trouble, the easiest way is to READ THE DANG SIGNS.

Really though… You look up at the road and realize there’s a split coming up ahead and you have no idea which lane you’re supposed to be in, just read.  Each lane has a sign giving you a pretty clear depiction of what is ahead if you were to choose that route.  Much like decision making on your journey to becoming successful.  You are always going to come up on sharp turns or times when you have to make decisions that will lead you one way or another.  Chances are the answer, or at least an arrow inclining you to take one way over another, is right in front of you.

Pass Others When You Have To

It’s clear that forward momentum is a huge part of moving forward in your ventures… sounds pretty obvious, right?  And while you are essentially responsible for your own successes, it sure makes it a hell of a lot easier if you lock arms with those around you with a similar vision.  And while it is an incredible feeling to connect with like-minded people, there will always be someone who tries to bring you down- whether it is intentional or not.  Now is the time to put on your turn signal, switch lanes, and pass them.

Encouraging others can and probably will be a huge driving factor for your own momentum, but there are times when you simply need to cut slow drivers out.  If someone is leisurely driving along and has no interest in their own forward momentum, do not let them be the reason you’re late to your own party.

Let Others Pass You

While you’re getting your own share of the passing lane, there are also going to be people who are speeding past you in their loud, bright cars.  Keep your eyes on the road. Do not cut them off. Do not show them your favorite finger or shout obscenities.  Remember the Sunday drivers slowing down your momentum?— Try your best not to be that person for someone else.  Be humble and let them pass you. But don’t ignore them altogether; take note of their speed and momentum and try to gain some inspiration from them. We are all following our own routes. Sometimes we need a quick check from someone going faster. Even just to see if we are actually at least going the speed limit ourselves.

People WILL Cut You Off

People do not pay attention when they drive.  They switch lanes whenever you are right next to them without looking.  Cue your favorite finger again.  Put it away.  Like the slow driver in the right lane, you also have to be aware of the “bad drivers.” Those who blindly swerve in and out of traffic, trying to find the fastest way to their destination without any consideration for who they run off the road on the way there.  Here’s humility again, peeking it’s head into the front seat.  Let that person go.  Nothing good comes from tail-gaiting someone just because you are angry about what they did four miles back.  Everyone is on the path they’re on for a reason, and they have to figure that out on their own.

Anticipate Detours

Just when you think you know where you’re going, the familiarity is stripped from you in an instant… Or the pop-up of an orange sign, rather.  All of a sudden you have no idea where you’re going; all you have are signs from a stranger blindly leading you through twisted, back road woods.  Where the heck am I?  I haven’t seen a sign in awhile… I’m so going to be late! — Sound familiar?

Much like when you think you have your life together and everything is going great and then something goes awry.  Initially you freak out and start sweating because you thought you knew where you were going. Now everything is turned upside-down!  Fear not.  Follow the detour and take a different route to your destination.  You’ll still get there; you may be late, tired, and out of gas, but you will get there.  Embrace the detours, you just might see something cool you would have missed out on otherwise.


Put the windows down, turn the music up, and enjoy!  Success is sweet, but the juiciest challenges along the way are often the most rewarding.

Briana Johnson

Briana is a reader, writer, and lover of finding silver linings. She spends her time absorbing lessons from daily struggles and embarrassing moments and passing the value on to others through her blog, The Frizzy Hair Chronicles. She uses writing as a vehicle to connect with other women who are on the same path to make life pour out a little more smoothly. Outside of writing, she spends time drinking wine, eating delicious new foods, and running (not simultaneously, most of the time).

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