Self Care for the Boss Babe

I know we are all extremely busy. We are very busy working, and/or running businesses, being moms, friends and partners. I recently did a post to this blog about beauty for the boss babe (How to Look Put Together In A Snap). But this time around I’m doing a post about Self Care for the boss babe. That can include beauty, so if you’d like, click the link above for a full rundown on that. I’ll be focusing mostly on other aspects of self care. It’s not always about how you look, but it’s also about how you feel. It’s important to take care of the inside as well!

Make A List: For Self Care Sake

Listen, I know this isn’t for everyone. But I love lists. They keep you in line and allow you to free up some mental real estate without running the risk of forgetting something important. If it is important, write it down. And if you don’t get to it, that’s okay, at least you won’t miss it all together. It will do wonders to keep you sane.

Catch those Z’s

I can not stress the importance of sleep. Not only can lack of sleep cause physical stress on the body, but it also messes with your head. Even missing just one night of full sleep makes your brain slower, and your mental faculties less reliable. Yes, to be successful, there will be some late nights and early mornings. Trust me, from my experience of being a medical student, I know first hand that sleep is not usually a priority for a lot of people. But please, try not to make a habit of it. You’ll have a much clearer head, and much more energy to get through your crazy schedule if you get enough sleep the night before. So ladies and/or gentlemen, pay off that sleep debt and meet your mornings with optimism and no sleepiness to slow you down.


Have A Hobby

You need something else to do besides work. I’ve heard you should have three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you fit, and one to keep you creative. Having even one of these goes toward self care. Have something that you love to do, that has nothing to do with work. Your mind needs a break, and it needs time to recuperate. A hobby is perfect to serve this purpose.


Play Catch Up

Go see your girls. Have/go to that party. Go to your cousin’s house for the afternoon. Have dedicated play time with your kiddies. Make time for your loved ones. I am trying to work on this myself. And I am aware that I am not very good at it. But lately I’ve been trying my best to not be all about work, and not be a slave to my own ambition and busybody-ness. For some people, it’s hard to slow down, but it’s to your benefit to find a way to make this happen. All I know is that I always leave a get together or my friends, or my family’s presence feeling good and happy. This of course doesn’t work if you don’t enjoy the people you’re spending time with, which brings me to my next point!


Cut the Negativity.

Naysayers are never good (except if that’s more motivation for you). And I don’t mean people who just tell you the truth and are objective. I’m talking about people who never show support for your ideas or the direction you want to go in. The people who don’t cheer for you when you succeed. Support is important, and if you find that someone is constantly bringing you down, cut them loose. Make the cleanest break possible. You might work with them, or they might even be family. When they are this close, just simply limit your contact with them. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life. Stay positive, and keep your spirits up. It’s much easier to be motivated and inspired when your ideas and dreams aren’t being cut out from under you.


Practice Gratitude

What are you grateful for? What are all the good things you have going on? Write them down, and really take a few minutes every day to think about these things. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the good with so much going on. Make a conscious effort to try it. A friend recommended for me to think about things I’m grateful for, for 1 minute, 3 times a day. It really forces you to see all the things you’re lucky to have, and it changes your outlook. There is a definite shift towards positivity that I think everyone can benefit from.


Drink Your Water. Get Some Physical Activity.

You need to make sure your body is well taken care of as well. You don’t have to go to the gym every single day. But getting some form of exercise around three times a week is a good general guideline. If you’re like me, you may struggle with drinking enough water. But I find if I get a good amount first thing in the morning, it sets a good tone for the day. Stay hydrated and eat heathy too. A run down body can’t help you accomplish all those goals like a more fit body can.


Let’s try to remember to take care of ourselves from the inside out as we conquer the world. Tell me in the comments what you do for self care!

Marisa Johnson

Beauty Blogger and Aspiring Business Maven

Marisa Johnson is a full time medical student with a creativity streak satisfied through her immersion the world of blogging and video creation. In between reading medical textbooks, blogging about beauty, and creating video content for youtube, she is also getting in on the business world, building her brand in the blog and youtube communities. She aspires to inspire women in business and medicine to be motivated and take charge of their own dreams, to make them reality.

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