Self-care routine for being kind to you

Activating my self-care routine!! September has felt like walking through mud. I have been through a rough time in my personal life, on top of a very nasty stomach bug. Work has been fantastic but hectic, with the launch of my new website. It’s times like this when I really need to make sure I practice being kind to me. It’s for the days I struggle to keep up a positive voice. When all I want to do is hide under the duvet.

For the record, these feelings are completely normal. We all go through periods when life is overwhelming. My anxiety tends to get the better of me when I am drained, adding in a sickness bug does not help my mental health! This is when I throw on my armory and concentrate 100% on self-care.

Studies show there is a correlation between self-compassion and wellbeing. To develop your resilience you can adopt helpful coping strategies. These will help protect both your mental and physical wellbeing when the going gets tough. A week of focusing on myself, I am on the road to recovery with a more positive outlook.


My top tips for a self-care routine


Here are my top five tips for you to try when you are feeling a little under the weather and need some self-love.


Mindfulness practice


I regularly use my Buddhify app every morning. When I am feeling particularly low I find it helps me to also use it in the evenings before going to bed. It helps me prepare to sleep. To clear my mind of thoughts of the day. It lets my body and mind know it is time to shut down and rest.


Regular exercise


I increase my exercise levels when I need some self-care. I love running outside in the fresh air. The extra endorphins help me to create a positive mood. Do your favourite exercise at a time that works best for you. Don’t use it as a form of punishment, enjoy the experience.


Box-set bingeing


I don’t watch much TV but when I need some self-care a good box-set can help me ‘Netflix and Chill’ (in the proper sense of the word!!) Currently, I am working my through Gilmore Girls right back from season one, it’s fantastic! I find a box-set is my guilty pleasure. It helps me to have a little bit of escapism from the world which has caused a stress overload.


It’s good to talk


I have a network of close friends who I know I can pick up the phone to whatever the hour. You need those people in your life who you can pop to their house for dinner and a glass of wine, and make plans with for the weekends. Do not underestimate the importance of an honest friendship circle. Sometimes the best thing is to talk through what’s in your head out loud in the open. Do this with someone who will listen to you in a non-judgemental way.


Say it with flowers


I love giving and receiving flowers. The past two weekends I have treated two of my girlfriends to flowers as a little thank you for their support. I’m not talking about expensive bouquets! It is the thought that goes into the act of giving which creates positive wellbeing. As it has been my birthday recently my apartment was full of flowers, the smell was incredible. It is a simple way for me to be more mindful. To take an appreciation and wonder of the small things in life that are around me.



So, these are my top five tips on how I am kind to me when I need to recharge and bounce back. Next time you are feeling you need a little self-care, go ahead and try some of my top tips.


Let me know how you develop your own personal self-care routine and what works for you.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend x

Ruth Cooper-Dickson


Ruth is a dynamic wellbeing specialist who runs her own consultancy. She is a practicing mental health first aider and has lived experience of a mental health condition. Ruth is a thought leader on wellbeing, from publishing articles on mental wellbeing at work, to delivering corporate wellbeing events, talks and training. She is hugely passionate about getting people living their best version of a happy stress-free life. Ruth loves coffee, fashion and reading, and she is a massive advocate for getting active - you will find her in the gym, at a class or out running marathons!

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