Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shine bright, be the light. I have tried to figure this out for years.  I always knew there was so much more for me in life, so much more I should be doing for myself and for many others.  I knew there was more to life than doing the same thing day in and day out.  I was stopping myself.  My day every day was repeat.  I would think to myself often that retirement in my 60’s would be so much better while I am in my younger years.  Why not extend my retirement instead of working a ton of years to get there.  So I flipped the switch and the light came on…bart-larue-314562

Fears Of The Past

Many of us have fears of some sort.  What are your fears?  Write them down and make a plan to conquer them.  You are your own worst enemy.  You are able to do so much more.   You will be amazed of what you can conquer with a little mind shift.  Educate yourself.  Personal development is one thing that has changed me.  Be open to it, you will learn more about you than you ever thought you knew.  To do great things you need to be great.  Become the best version of you and watch your life change and the lives of others around you.  The two ingredients to a better you is personal development and believing you will be better.

Knowing The Present Time

What I know now is this.  I will be better than I was the day before.  I will help many and in return it will help me.  “We rise by lifting others.”  I will continue to take part in personal development.  Books, free You Tube videos and coaching/seminars are my go to.      I read my personal development books to my 8-year-old twins,  they love it and ask for more!  I will teach my daughters to believe, be themselves and to give.

I will keep myself healthy and by that I mean I will exercise (you do not need a gym to exercise, so let go of the excuses.) I will eat a balanced diet, yes I will eat what I want in moderation as well as plenty of veggies.  I know that I do not need a gym or a diet plan to stay healthy.  It is all in our minds.  If you set your mind to it, it will happen.  So pizza is not out of the question…you get my point.

I will increase my income this year to six figures.  Yes that’s right.  I will do this by following the plan I have created.  No-one or anything will stop me.  I have a clear vision of my goals and what I will do to reach them.  My goals certainly are not easy.  You see, if my goals are easily attainable then they are not big enough.  I am reaching for the stars and if I miss I will hit the moon, either is good with me!  How do I do this having children, my core job and just life in general amongst many other things?  You can certainly relate.  I do all of this because I know I have twenty-four hours in a day.  I know my excuses will hold me back. Think about it, you say you don’t have time.  My response is “if you do not have time for YOU then YOU will always be the same and do the same things.” Instead of watching TV shows that will not impact my life or my families lives I will read a book that will nourish my brain with positivity and inspire me to do more.  Instead of listening to music I will listen to CD’s of successful positive people.  I’m not saying that TV shows and music are bad.  What I am saying is if you want to be better, then you must sacrifice.  I will sacrifice to bring my income to six figures.  Money is not everything and we all have our own belief about it.  One thing for sure is we all need money to survive.  Money is simply a piece of paper, coins and numbers in a computer.  When I reach my goal of increasing my income I will continue to work because I am a worker.  I will continue to be who I am and help many.

PlanSmartfor 2018

Creating The Future

I am a dreamer.  I am a believer.  I am a lover.  I am a giver.  I am me.  I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who inspire me daily.  This is my world (yes I will share it) and I am going to change it.  I am going to make it a better place.  I am going to make many people smile.  I am going to change lives.  Yes, this is about me for sure.  It has to be, in order for me to be able to do the things I have planned.  I need to be the best version of me to share it with you!  What you have planned for your future has to be about you and then share it with the world! I have had the honor in the past to be on stage in front of thousands of people to share my story and inspire many.  This will happen again but it will be different because my story has changed since then.  I hold the pencil and my story is inspiring and will make people do more because they can.  What my future will be is up to me and your future is up to you!  Focus on the positive, see the best in everyone and always be willing to give.  Be open-minded to opportunities as new opportunities arise every day.  Always remember you are who you surround yourself with.  If it is time to do a clean up then do it!

Illuminate The World

Not and easy task but we all can do it!  I know one thing, I was born to shine and that is what I will do.  I will work with many as a team.  I will be a leader and teach what I know so that my team can become leaders.  I will create my freedom to do what I want, when I want and with who I want.  I will teach you to do the same if you take the first step to become a better you and join me on my journey.  I am accepting anyone and everyone that is open-minded, coachable and would not only like to make a change for yourself but also for your family.  My passion is to empower many.  I will not stop.

keep going

What Will You Do To Shine Like A Diamond?

My advice to you is coming from my own experience.  Take the first step.  Today is the day.  Every day you wait you are delaying your greatness, your personal growth.  Do not procrastinate and leave your excuses at the door.  Look in the mirror and say “I love you”  and “I am able to do more.”  Now go out there and take what is yours and share it with the world.


Jennifer, Xo


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