Six Sure-fire Signs You Have Your Sh** Together (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

I think most people see me as someone who has my sh** all figured out, but the truth is, I’m just winging it – my life, my eyeliner – everything. If you’ve ever paid my personal blog a visit you’ll know I’m bumbling my way through love and life badly, so if you’re sitting there reading this and feeling like a fraud because you’re just playing things by ear as well, please know that you’re not alone – most of us are hot messes on the inside even if we look hella put together on the outside I can promise you that much, but let me tell you, you’re probably doing *way* better than you think you are… read on for six sure-fire signs you have your sh** together (even if it doesn’t feel like it).


six sure-fire signs you have your shi** together

Six sure-fire signs you have your sh** together, even if it doesn’t feel like it:

1. You have a roof over your head (and pay for it)

Whether you can afford a mansion in the upper east side of New York or a two bed terrace in Queen’s – that’s besides the point. Flying the nest is a scary (and costly) thing to do, and for that you deserve a pat on the back. Never underestimate the value of your name on the bills.


2. You clean up after yourself

If you’re the one that’s doing your cleaning and laundry (and yes, taking it to the laundrette to have someone else do it sort of counts) – snaps to you sister. You’re doing yourself some hardcore adulting!


3. You can cook something other than toast

If you opt to get up in the morning and make smashed avocado with a soft poached egg on toast that’s good enough to Instagram instead of eating cold, leftover pizza, good for you, girl! Turning down take-away leftovers is a challenge in itself, never mind making something worth eating or Instagramming so call yourself your Momma – she’ll be *so* proud!


4. You can handle your alcohol

If you can go out after work for drinks and make it home a) alone, b) in one piece and c) remember doing it the next day, well done you. It’s harder than it looks, I know!


5. You drink coffee and actually like it

If you drink coffee on the daily and it *doesn’t* have to be pumpkin spiced to be drinkable, you’re well on your way to becoming an adult. You know what they say, a girl who drinks some coffee and puts on some gangta rap can handle ANYTHING.


6. You Netflix and chill (for real)

And last but not least, if when you say you want to Netflix and chill you mean you want to watch Netflix and chill and not, y’know, have casual sex – your sh** is sure as hell together… well it is if you can watch an episode or two without wasting your life away in front of the box, that is!


Is there anything else you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Vanessa McIntosh

Writer by day, blogger by night

Vanessa is a 20-something lipsticked linguist from the North East of England working on her AHRC-funded PhD at Newcastle University. She also teaches undergraduate English Language and Linguistics, and when she’s not on campus you’ll find her on her sofa with a cup of tea eyeing up the latest Morphe palette and working on her blog Before she began doctoral study Vanessa worked as a retail makeup artist and even still she loves nothing more than making women feel good about themselves - on the inside as well as the outside. As an advocate for mental health Vanessa is working on her first monograph, a self-help guide to kicking anxiety and depression to the curb. You can expect content on from Vanessa every Wednesday at 9am PST but feel free to subscribe to or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @landlblog_ for your daily dose of her rambling on… and on and on.

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