Snap out of it! Tips for Getting Yourself Out of a Rut

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Or have you ever had this feeling of restlessness? Are you in a rut right now? It’s not fun. But I’m here to tell you how I got out of it. Hopefully, if you follow my tips, you will get your spark back too.

How it Began

About a month ago I was working crazy hours. Literally 100 hours a week. I was busy. I did not have time to think and I was checking off boxes on my to-do lists left and right. As a woman that thrives under chaos, I truly felt valuable and productive. And even though I was exhausted, I loved it!

I traveled to my next assignment and found out that this one would be much different. I did not have nearly as many tasks and was no longer working crazy hours. It was like whip lash. I went from going 100mph to 10mph in a matter of a few days. Suddenly, I found myself with time on my hands. There was time to think. Time to be alone. Time to  be unproductive.

Soon my mind filled the quiet with self-doubt. I felt I was not doing enough and therefore I was not enough. I was restless and felt invaluable. Instead of thriving in the moments of peace I was given, I worried and stressed. I exhausted myself when I should have been rejuvenating. My free time was filled with mindless behavior like bingeing on TV shows and completely lacked motivation when I was at work.

How did I get out of the rut?

Below, you will find a list of tips that helped me snap out of it. It’s okay to feel “out of it” sometimes, just don’t unpack and live there. You deserve a thriving life.

  1. Get out of the house: find an activity you enjoy – I went to a fall festival, book stores and coffee shops
  2. Take a long drive: take this time to think about what has you in this state. Figuring out why you are in a rut will help you become more self-aware and therefore avoid it in the future
  3. Blast music: tune everything out and just sing to the top of your lungs
  4. Enjoy the quiet: get outdoors and embrace the moments of peace
  5. Write: I love to write down my feelings – this is my release, remind yourself of your accomplishments and that you are enough
  6. Read a book: books take me to another world – let it transport you and inspire you
  7. Talk to a friend: go to someone you trust who you can talk through your feelings with and uplift you
  8. Laugh: surround yourself with people that can make you laugh. The kind of laughs that make your stomach hurt. 
  9. Exercise: exercise allows your body to release endorphins which will make you feel happier
  10. Serve: do something for someone else with nothing in return and get your mind off yourself

What I learned

In the season of feeling restless and inadequate, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that it does not come naturally for me to stop and have peace. I love to stay busy. However, it’s not sustainable. I burned myself out mentally and physically. When I finally embraced the peace and did everything I listed above, I felt so much better. I slowed down and I reminded myself that I am enough. I don’t always have to be busy to feel valuable. Once I rested, I got my spark and energy back. I was able to get myself out of the rut. I felt inspired and became even more productive.

Final Thoughts

We all need the seasons of peace and quiet. Embrace them and give yourself a break. Snap out of the state of inadequacy and give yourself permission to be proud of all you’ve done. Take care of yourselves, Boss Babes.

Getting out of a rut
Picture taken at a beach in Malibu today. I took a long drive with friends and felt truly rejuvenated.
Misti Marie


I am from the great state of Texas. I live life on the road as a Grand Opening Supervisor for Chick-fil-A with my cat, Penelope. I enjoy simple pleasures like coffee, macarons and good conversation! I love the ever changing landscapes that a life on the road brings. I am on a journey to have a Chick-fil-A of my own! My vision for my own life is to leave people better than where I found them. I am here to inspire and empower you to live a fearless life!

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