3 questions that can help Solidify Your Brand

In my years of doing business, many of the questions that are asked on my free consultation calls are similar. Quite frankly, they all revolve around the same question, “How can I better brand myself?” Quick gem, there is no perfect method that works for all businesses but, there are three questions that can solidify if your brand is strong enough to fulfill its mission.

1. What is its purpose?

Everyone wants their own business, right? Everyone wants an additional source of income but that doesn’t define your purpose in creating your business. Your purpose is what will continue to help you be innovative and what will also motivate you to strive for consistent business. Defining your purpose goes beyond creating a mission statement. Your purpose defines why you are in business, how your business will help others, and more importantly, it will help generate revenue.

Homework: State your purpose. Consider your purpose during a crisis, when business is booming, and even when you aren’t sure how to continue to sustain it during hard times.

2. What is the plan?

Plans help you to strategize and prepare for circumstances. Try starting with the end in mind. If you know your end goal is to attract five new clients by the end of 2017, then what does that process look like? In knowing your target market, how you will attract new clients that fit into your market? How much time do you have to connect with these potential clients? All of these questions can help you thoroughly create a marketing and branding plan to fulfill your goal. Allow your marketing team or hire a consultant to coach you through this. Marketing helps upscale your brand. Never stop setting goals and more importantly, never stop strategizing.

Homework: Take some time and set your goals in reasonable timeframes. We all want to accomplish great things but overworking ourselves with limitations can make us lose our focus. Use your goals to create a strategic plan to accomplish them. A start might be using a calendar and setting daily goals to help you reach further into the plan. Every day, review your calendar to make sure there isn’t anything you can add or change.

3. What is the process?

Once you have defined your purpose, created your strategy, it’s time to execute! Make sure you are using the appropriate channels to communicate with current clients, supporters, and potential clients. The execution of your plan is critical to sustaining your business. The process (by definition) is the method and direction that is taken to achieve a goal. Always keep the process tight and intact. Straying away from your process can change the end-result of your commitment to branding.

Homework: Visit your plan and make efforts to add your methods to achieve those daily activities. A part of your plan may be to connect with two new individuals in your industry but your process will be the method that will use to connect with them. Don’t think too hard into this but make sure to be strategic—it’s imperative.

As previously stated, there is no specific method to brand yourself or business but answering these three questions will allow you to find the best strategy to further your reach and approach. Maximizing your ability to brand will allow you to compete amongst the best individuals and companies. Always add value to your brand by having exceptional customer service and response rates. People will remember your brand for how you conducted business with them compared to how your logo is different from others. Always put more effort into the things that can help your business expand.

I pray this helps someone in business or who aspires to start one.

KKG & Co.

Kimberly K. Gallow is a full-time fundraising professional, a higher education advocate, and a solopreneur. Starting her company at 20 in college, she has help small business owners expand and enhance their products and services. In writing for #BossBabe, Kim hopes to share branding, marketing, and small business tips to help others.

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