How to stop letting fear get the best of you.

How to stop fear from getting the best of you.


I don’t know about you, but there have been so many times in my personal and professional life that fear had me paralyzed. Once it gets a hold of you, your goals can seem impossible!

Fear is the stealer of dreams. It can get into your head, make you believe that it’s safer to stay put than get out of your comfort zone and do great things. Don’t let it. You have the power to overcome your fears if you’re willing to acknowledge them instead of run away from them.


Here’s a few tips to bust fear out of the equation for good.

  • Fear isn’t real. Something I need to remind myself of frequently. It’s a feeling, which means your fears aren’t as tangible as you may think. If it’s up to you, then that means you have the power to change how you feel about a certain thing.
  • Your fear doesn’t own you. What a great mantra to use. Stop giving your fear so much power. When we allow fear to lead us, you can guarantee it won’t be leading you anywhere far. Take your power back.
  • When making big decisions, are they based out of fear or logic? Sometimes fear can truly make us feel crazy! Our thoughts can become irrational, go further into a tangent of doom and gloom and before we know it, the whole big dream has dissolved into nothingness. Don’t regret taking big chances, think it through, clear the air. Decide based on what your heart tells you and what makes sense. Recognize when fear is making you play small.


How to stop letting fear get the best of you.


  • You can either feed your fear or your freedom. You always get to choose. Focus on your dreams, not your failures. Fear will always be there to keep you right where you are. Feed your dreams and your desires for more. Remember, God wouldn’t have put those dreams in your heart, if he didn’t think you could accomplish them.
  • Feeling stuck? There may be unresolved fears from your past, that are creeping up on you.  Journal them out, face what they are and work through it. If you don’t, then your fears will dictate your success, and that success will never be sweet enough. It’s without flow, always forced and never fulfilled.


How to stop letting fear get the best of you.


  • Have a fear ritual. When things get out of hand and anxiety and fear get the best of you, have a ritual that you can use anytime or anywhere to eradicate it.  I like to use my “freedom statement” to keep it real. This is a sentence I wrote, that reminds me of why I do what I do. My purpose in life is so powerful that it gets rid of any scaredy cat vibes that try to get me down.  Also, when I think of my kids, I try to picture what I would model for them. When I know they’re watching, fear can’t be in the equation.
  • Don’t believe everything you think.  When fear narrates our thoughts, it can create beliefs that can completely derail you. We build on those thoughts and make them a reality in our minds. Don’t listen to the fear, you have everything you need inside of you right now to make your dreams a reality. See, that warm feeling inside of you is the feeling to go with. That’s love.


How to stop letting fear get the best of you.


I’ll leave you with this powerful message. This was so spot on, when I heard this spoken by my teacher and mentor Gabby Bernstein. She said ” when fear is present, it’s a sign that you’re relying on your own strength. When freedom is present, you’re relying on God.

Connect with your fire on a regular basis and it’ll never go out. Fear has nothing on you honey 😉



Michelle Tegola

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