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I truly believe in women empowering each other. I believe that together we can conquer the world whether it be health/ fitness or business related. It is nice to get what I like to call “nuggets” from each other to inspire and lift each other higher. After all we are all sisters right? With that being said I have decided to write about women empowering each other. I have recently interviewed a very beautiful friend of mine.  She is inspiring to me and I want to know some things that drive her. So I asked her a few questions that I can share with all of you!

Each morning you wake up do you have a daily ritual you follow to start your day?

(Chuckle) Yes, drink 20 ounces of water and brew coffee! Once I consume my 1st cup of coffee, I will sit down in front of my vision door, meditate for about five minutes and journal for about another five minutes! Also, before getting out of bed, I will stretch, look at the ceiling and read what I wrote on a sticky note. I am making it become a habit to read it every morning and every night. 

Do you feel that it is important to be motivated by other people or to self motivate?

I feel as if people INSPIRE us but it’s up to us to Motivate ourselves! No one can motivate you to do anything – you have to believe in yourself and have that desire to want more for yourself, which in turn will motivate you to take action!
I believe that self-motivation is key to working towards your goals. I don’t know if I believe that it’s working towards your goals is to be successful…However, by taking action toward your goals then you are successful!
I may not have a lot of money but I believe that I am successful because I’m working towards my goals! Also,because I have my health, the love of my family and friends!

We all have good and bad days. When you have a good day what do you strive for most? When you have a bad day how do you choose deal with it?

Yes, we all have good days and bad days! Some of us have worst days but it’s how you choose to look or change your thought process that matters! We all have choices in life and if we choose to look at things negatively, then negative things are going to come into our lives. Adversely, if we choose to be positive, then we will attract positive things in our lives.
When I’m having a good day which is most days because I choose to look at things in a positive manner – I strive to be the best version of myself! I smile at everyone, go to the gym and plan for my day!
If I’m having a bad day, which is usually around that (monthly cycle)  – I tend to go to the gym to raise those endorphin’s. I may also just work out a little extra longer than I normally do because as most women know, our hormones can really mess with us!

Do you feel it is important to have multiple revenue streams and if so how many do you have? 

I believe that it is important to have multiple revenue streams! As of now, I have two sources of revenue streams and do plan on gaining more! I am a woman on a mission and I am determined to make enough money where I can help others including my family!

How do you feel about women empowering women? Do you feel it is important in reaching your goals?

I am a big believer in women empowering women! On my Instagram page, julisamedina _official- I post a lot of motivational stuff to not only empower women but to inspire both sexes!

What is the one nugget you can leave with us to be the best version of ourselves?

To believe in yourself and to Never-Give-Up.

Thank you Julisa for taking the time to answer these questions as well as inspiring and empowering many people.

Boss Babe Jennifer Xo


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