Superwoman Syndrome

Since I have started posting for Boss Babe, most of my posts have been about business. Listen, ya girl is about her coin! However, it’s Labor Day weekend and I am still grinding it out, which is fine, but when does one rest? I am surrounded by entrepreneurs that grind just as hard, if not harder. We are all out here being superwomen and supermen, however, that can easily become a syndrome.


In Sociology, a superwoman is defined as a woman who manages a few different roles as a career woman, homemaker, student, or other intense occupations. This superwoman knows it all and is everything to everyone.


Does that sound familiar? Sounds familiar to me, it’s Labor Day weekend, I am at a party and instead of dancing, I am thinking of my email distribution list. My girlfriend who I haven’t seen all summer is asking me to come to her house and have girl talk, downtime and wine. I immediately started thinking about blog postings, webinars, and soccer practice for my daughter. Here’s the funny thing, as I was thinking about blog posting, I realized, I can’t think of anything. My brain feels fried, which means it’s time to rest.


We spend a lot of time over-romanticizing the burnout, and quite frankly, it’s not cute! Why? Because when you get burnt out, you lash out at the people you care about, you start making silly little mistakes and ultimately those little mistakes lead to bigger ones if you aren’t careful. Don’t even get me started on the physical side effects! Listen to me, your body, spirit, and mind will need to rest at some point! You only get one of each, and if you run them into the ground, there is no backup. Once you are out of commission for a while, everything you have your hands on will start to suffer. So, before that happens, take a little time and pull yourself together. There are a ton of different ways you can do this and you have to find what works for you. However, in regards to the superwoman syndrome, if there is one thing I want you to take away, it is this…




Say it as many times as you need to! Especially if you are dealing with people that are taking and taking from you. You might have to learn to let some things go and let some people go, and that is ok! The world will not fall apart without you, take some time if you need, rest up and pull yourself together. Your dreams, goals, and your purpose will still be there. Don’t quit! But learn to rest!

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