How To Survive Another Day

Did you know that it is okay if the only thing you were able to bring yourself to do was to survive? Perhaps you wanted to work out, finish a homework assignment early, read a book or even just get out of bed for the day. It happens to all of us, whether we like to admit it or not. It’s okay if the only thing you did today was survive. You have survived another day. You can have a fresh start tomorrow and survive another day.

Your Do-Over Button

Sometimes, we do wish we could have a button that can make things start all over. While the physical button does not exist, the metaphorical button is pushed once your time hits midnight. 12:00 AM is the marker of a brand new day. As you curl up in your bed, close your eyes and let sleep take over.

What’s Next?

A new day has arrived! Now what, my wayward sister? Take a moment to wake yourself up. Stretch your limbs and sit up from your bed. You probably spent a majority of your time the previous day laying in bed. Get up, darling. Open your windows, put some music on, and tidy up just a little bit. Make your bed, dust around your room little and dance around. Build your energy and let the sun shine through your bedroom and into your mind. Bring the light into your room and boost your energy.

Get Ready

Look through your wardrobe and choose your outfit for the day. Pick out things that’ll boost your confidence. Try the flannel you’ve been meaning to wear or that new choker necklace you just bought. How about those cute black boots sitting in the back of your closet that are waiting to be worn? Mix and match things and create a whole new outfit. Maybe you could possibly make a new favourite outfit! Spray some perfume on, grab your bag, and get ready to kick the world’s ass.

Turn It Up!

Have access to music. Whether you are on the go or have your record player sitting close by, begging to be dusted and played with, music can influence your mood. Pop in your headphones while you are walking or have music play in the background as you clean, read, do homework, etc.


Breathing is a crucial and important part of living. How can we survive in life without the blessing of having the ability to breathe? Take deep breaths if you are overwhelmed. Just remind yourself that you need to just live. You can get through anything that comes your way. Breathing is the way to survive.

Gabriella Batres

Blogger and Humanitarian.

Gabriella Batres hails from the magical kingdom of Orlando, FL with her family, her laptop, her books and her many posters of her favourite fictional characters. She enjoys reading comic books, watching her favourite films and television shows, dabbling into British culture, and has been writing for ten years. She is a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, a humanitarian, moscato connoisseur, and speaks fluently in sarcasm and British slang. In her senior year of college, she is majoring in communication studies.

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