How to survive a friend cleanse?

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What are the signs that a friend cleanse may be on the cards:

The Universe does everything for a reason.  And friendships unfortunately are not  exempt from the changes that occur throughout our lives.

When a friendship changes, we go searching for a million different reasons why?

But sometimes its simply that you have grown apart?
Here are a few things to think about when deciding on what is right for you in a friendship?

  • Know that just because there is history with that person, it doesn’t mean that you “owe” that person anything at all.  History is just that, the past. Who you are today, could be completely different to who you were when this friendship started.
  • Trust your intuition around that friendship, whatever your gut is telling you is spot on.  If something is not sitting right with you, it probably isn’t for you.
  • When we grow and follow out goals and dreams, this can bring out insecurities in your friends.  Most of the negativity that they are sending your way is in fact more about what they are feeling inside and are just projecting their shadow out to you.
  • When the friendship is feeling forced and unnatural.
  • You feel unsupported and drained emotionally and physically.

What are the signs of a friendship that you should hold onto for dear life:

  • There is zero pretending, you honour who you are and don’t have to be anyone but yourself.
  • It just feels right – trust the best moral compass that you have your INTUITION!
  • Your friend is your biggest cheerleader, even when things don’t go to plan.  That friend supports you no matter what.
  • They tell you how they feel about you.  This is my favourite. Why leave the people you love wondering?  Let them know exactly how you feel.
  • Historically this person has grown with you and been there through thick and thin.

So you are in the midst of a friend cleanse as we speak?

  • Just know that the most important thing is to think about your Integrity – Morals, Values and beliefs.
  • Does this person align with your Integrity?If this friend has been in your life for a while? Well know that it is one of the hardest things to realise that it wasn’t anything that you did. We tend to blame ourselves, as no one beats us up more than we do!
  • That person was here with lessons for you (I believe that every single person comes to us as an assignment) and now it is time to move forward.  Think of that person and ask what did they give you within the friendship?

Clair xx

Clair is a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Louise Hay Heal your Life Teacher. Clair uses all her "Clair's" to provide a spiritual reading that provides guidance and clarification from the most authentic space. Her Coaching Sessions and Workshops are empowering women to Love Yo'self! By working through our blocks and limiting beliefs and conditioning, that no longer serve us. With loving guidance Clair shares self love tools and introduces them so that people can start to live their truth and to come from love on a daily basis. And in turn creates a new style of thinking with endless possibilities.

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