Surviving Mondays: A Few Tips To Get You Through

As if surviving Mondays wasn’t hard enough, today is the long anticipated solar eclipse. What does that mean for non-astronomy people like myself? Not much, except avoiding accidentally looking at the sun and going blind forever. Casual, right? Below are some tips for surviving this #historical Monday- along with the rest of the Mondays throughout the year.

Surviving Mondays Gets Easier With A Positive Attitude

This one might sound a little cliché, I know, but trust me when I say a positive attitude attracts positive karma (and vibes) your way. Instead of waking up in the morning pissed off because another week of work awaits you, skip the snooze, do a quick morning stretch, and start your day with positive thoughts. Repeat all the good things you need to come your way today in your head before walking out of your room, along with everything you’re going to do to attract these things. Verbalization is key to positive attraction.

Surviving MondaysStaying Hydrated: A #MajorKey In Surviving Mondays

How many times have you come across people telling you to stay hydrated? Not only does drinking enough water throughout the day keep your skin glowing and rejuvenated, but it’ll keep your energy going all day long. Dehydration is a major killer and does more damage to your body than you can imagine. Make it a Monday habit to start your weeks by counting how many water bottles you drink throughout the day. Make sure you invest in a reusable bottle of at least 750 mL! There are so many cute ones out there. Really want to slay your Mondays? Have a glass of lemon water in the morning. It’ll get your digestive system going and begin your hydration early on in the day.

Eat Breakfast

Surviving Mondays can be almost impossible (ok, I’m being dramatic, but still!) without a good breakfast in the morning. I can’t stress how important it is to wake up with enough time to eat breakfast. A large cup of coffee and a granola bar aren’t going to cut it! My go-to breakfast foods are avocado toast or oatmeal packed with seeds and berries. Check out my avo toast recipe here.

Organize Yourself

Lastly, plan it out! I’m not saying to meticulously plan every second of your day, but get yourself a cute planner and write down everything you have to do this week. Appointments, deadlines, and assignments are all easier to remember and easier to accomplish if they’re written down and in sight. And, it’ll give you an excuse to buy extra stickers and gel pens to make your planning a little more fun and a little more colorful. Who knew surviving Mondays could be so #trendy? Hint: I did, ’cause I’m a major planner advocate.

Surviving Mondays 

It’s funny how the August artwork in my planner states that there are pink skies up ahead and there’s a solar eclipse today. Keep those pink skies in sight by starting your week on the best note possible. I hope these tips help your Mondays go by a little smoother; they’ve definitely helped me! Stay hydrated, eat a good breakfast, verbalize your daily goals in the morning, and organize yourself. These four things could really help your Mondays go a lot better, and they’ll also build a strong foundation for the week to come.

Nicki G


Like a good wine, things get better with time. Nicki has been blogging for about three years and decided it was time to venture on to something new- and then she stumbled upon Boss Babe! She's a 21 year old nursing student from Miami, Florida and loves sharing her knowledge (or lack thereof) on all things food, lifestyle, and current #trends. Follow her, her journey, and everything in between while she wings it and figures “life” out. Her posts help her get through the weeks, and she hopes they help you too. Follow her blog Just Nicki Things and her Instagram @nickiguerra for a closer look into her life!

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