Taking gratitude for granted? Take that beautiful energy and use it for your good

You know the feeling of bliss when you are so happy for having achieved something.. or just for having something because of the way it makes you feel right? It’s that deep  feeling of gratitude that sets your heart wide open. That is happiness. That is what we’re all after in the end. It does not have to be about achieving that big goal. NO. You can have it NOW. And that’s why they say find the  happiness in the little things. Because all those little things brighten up your vibe little by little and lift you into that spiral of happiness where things get even better! It’s true .. and this goes for you business too. But instead.. what do most of us do?

the number one mistake


When you start the day..at your office.. in your shop.. behind your pc etc. what are the

first things running through your mind? Then I can tell you now.. that is the first thing

that you will find. Don’t go to the office running empty before the day has started and

forget to practice gratitude because you want to start your day high vibe. Set the right

energy. Straight away. You get what you are..


Imagine if you could be in a state of gratitude overall… you know what you will be

attracting! So to get into the good feeling. Yes get that piece of paper and a pencil or

maybe you already have a little book. Write down what you would be grateful for in

anticipation. Take ten minutes each day. Write down why it makes you so happy. We want

to feel because that’s where the energy bubbles up. Gratitude is a strong tool. We can

write down in general what we’re grateful for but of course if you have a business you

might wanna focus on this specific area to accelerate there in specific.


And number two


We don’t value our experiences as high as we could. You could say we’re pessimistic

experience valuers 🙂 The way you perceive incidents and experiences determine the

measure of gratitude that you will be feeling so for today… make a list of this last months

top experiences. Write down your successes. Close your eyes and deeply feel the

gratitude. This is the easy gratitude generating part. Lets dive deeper now. Write down

some things that you think could have been better and do a focus shift. How can you be

grateful for this experience.


  • What has it taught you?


  • How did it make you stronger?


  • If I pick out what made me feel bad what remains that felt good?


  • How did it lead/ can or will it lead  me to what I do want?


Be grateful for that. Be grateful for the guidance. Be grateful for the insight & growth.


Gratitude is the most overlooked mentality that I think we should all consider building

into our daily practice. To become so aware of it that we live in a constant state of

appreciation. When you do this for a while you will find it much easier to stay in balance

after whatever experience you go through because you can always see the value of it.


and more value… will be added to your business 😉




Tineke Janssen

For as long as I can remember I love to inspire and motivate people. As I got into the Law of Attraction my passion even fired up haha. It's such a wonderful life tool. I like to write about how to use this concept in your business. Be consistent and see yourself & your business grow. No really. If you only knew what the right focus can do for you! Try it out for yourself. I'm a law of attraction coach dying to share "the Secret(s)" with you! With all my love, Tineke Janssen

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