Power is the key to gain anything in your life, Have you dreamed of being a powerful person who is unstoppable from reaching his higher self every time a new challenge arises; he wins with his/her absolute power. It can take over a new business or be promoted to a high position. A Lot of people thought that power is something that you have to born with which is absolutely wrong as it can be gained just by applying the right behaviour to act as one of those powerful people. In the book the 48 laws of power, I WILL share with you the most echoed laws that can be used to give you the upper hand in any situation you encounter.

Here are the most essential laws of power that can ensure your Excellency in any field in your life:

*Hide your intentions.

*Trust nobody and learn how to use enemies.

*listen more, speak less.

*Guard your reputation with your life.

*Stand unique and create compelling spectacles.

*Hold the cards and make people come to you.

*Make your actions speak louder than your argument.

*Raise your superior’s brilliance.

*Get the negative whining people out of your league.

*Honesty and integrity is your back door to win people’s hearts.

*know who you are dealing with.

*Concentrate your forces.

*When it comes to competition, crush your enemies.

* Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.

*Adopt formlessness.

*Act like a king to be treated like one.

*Master the art of timing.

*Discover each man’s thumbscrew.



Cabin Crew

Menna Tolba is an Artcraft Maker. She seeks inspiration in Art as a whole from writing, designing to painting beside her love for fashion and styling. She sees that a powerful single word can change someone's life by motivating them to do their best, uplifting their spirits, changing their looks and being comfortable with who they are. she has translated her writing pieces to an art piece that carry happiness and hopes to others through her business Nana Galleria <3 She believes in Rumi " What you seek is seeking you" Her Instagram stand_unique

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