The Relation between Emotional Intelligence and the road to success.


Getting a better understanding of how the EI can have a huge impact on every area of your life.

There are simple tools that you can adapt to your daily routine to gain better access to\ your life through EI.

*The ability to know your inner feelings

If you pay attention to what you feel when something happens for example what leads you to anger, the reasons behind it and the triggers that caused it to break out.

This understanding of your emotions will raise your confidence when you take serious decisions besides you will have a deep understanding of how you are going to react to everything in your life.

*Controlling your inner feelings

as a result of knowing what your emotions are made up of and how it is going to affect your life, so you start shifting your negative ones by doing any kind of exercise, meditation or playing a new hobby such as an instrument or drawing.

Do anything that can take you out of this state, shifting your negative emotions will diminish gradually your negative thinking so you start having the upper hand over your thoughts that are playing a vital role to move your life forward or backwards.

by applying those simple tools by observing your feelings so you can drive them in the direction you desire.

Now, will come to how EI helps you to succeed at work,


Having a clear plan of what you want to reach with your career so if you seek a promotion, you have to invest well in yourself, in your skills and if you seek another opportunity or looking for career shift so you have to be prepared for all the consequences and work within a specific plan and time limit to reach what you want.

*Building good relations at work

By showing your empathy and willingness to cooperate and help in addition to adopting a diplomatic face while dealing with people who are different from you.



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