The spiritual coaching revolution!

Why spiritual coaching is becoming more mainstream and how it may be exactly what you need.


The spiritual coaching revolution!Have you seen ads for Goddess, Mermaid, Divine Feminine coaching retreats and wondered what the heck was going on? Why are there so many pics of women in fields with flower wreaths in their hair?





After years of coaching in my own business with a tribe of entrepreneurs for over a decade, healing and wellness practice for 17 years, meditation for even more, I had finally given in to my purpose and passion for helping others.  I opened the virtual doors to my spiritual empowerment coaching practice and have never felt more aligned. I knew I’d get some haterade along the way, maybe even some eye rolls as I’ve heard the flack.  People wondering why everyone is either being coached or has become one.

Have you ever hired a coach? I wouldn’t have, only at one point in my tepid network marketing career, I had wanted to succeed SO badly that I was willing to do ANYTHING. I went to a life coach for business but ended up cracking open in my personal life more than I had intended to.  The resultant healing left me with pure unbridled confidence and empowerment to say the least. It was worth every penny. Did I catapult into success right away? It took some time as I learned the concept of worthiness, but once I did there was no stopping me from finding my purpose and riding it out.

The spiritual coaching revolution!So what’s up with this coaching revolution anyway? The simple answer is this: people are in dire need of healing. Not drugs, not labels, healing on a deep level.  People in this day are over worked, over tired and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) “350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It is a leading cause of disability.”

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. In North America, the general population lives with over $40,000 of household debt, commutes to work, isn’t satisfied with their job, lives for the weekend (has even created acronyms for Fridays TGIF!) and 2 weeks of vacation per year. No wonder the yoga revolution has taken the western world by storm. People are stressed out and broken, they need it badly.

Now people are trying to get ahead in life and want more. Can you blame them? It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses.  I didn’t have to worry about the cost of cell phones growing up (unless you wanted a totally uncool/cool-for-those-times giant block of a cell phone by Motorola). The Ipads, air thin laptops, Range Rovers on dream boards or celebrity lifestyle wanna be’s all over the place.

The spiritual coaching revolution!So what does spiritual coaching offer you? What everyone truly wants and needs. A deeper connection to their higher power, a deeper understanding of who they are and why they’re placed here on earth. A depth of self love that no tub of ice cream can rival.  A path to the success they want, and a unique a way to use their own individual gifts.  Plus the how-to’s on accessing a flow of income (we spiritual folk like to call it abundance) that comes with the alignment of our values and beliefs.

We need more light workers in todays world now more than ever. Being the light and shining it bright for others can truly give them permission to shine as well. If thats so wrong, dare I say….. I don’t wanna be right.


Michelle Tegola

Women's Empowerment Coach, Work from Home Mama.

Michelle is a Mompreneur to 3 littles, Author, Motivational Speaker and Womens Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about empowering women to step into their greatness by embracing their unique personal stories, helping to transform their pain into their power. She coaches women one on one and in group programs online. As a Mom of 3 littles, she's all about the #realtalk on being a Mompreneur, how to position yourself in the online world and how to show up authentically. You'll find amazing tips on how to find your passion and true purpose. Follow on Instagram @bossbabemompreneur Subscribe and get empowered at