They Told Me I Couldn’t That’s Why I Did

I have always been sort of a rebel.  I figure why not?  It’s fun to make the rules as long as you can’t get into trouble right?  After all we are in charge of ourselves.  The younger version of myself back in my teen years I was a very curious person about life and I still am.  I knew there was so much more.  So I bent the rules that were instilled on me from my parents.  Not to hurt anyone but because I wanted to do more than I was allowed to do, I wanted to know why my parents told me not to do something.  I wanted to learn for myself.  After all we know more than our parents at that age right?  Lol.  Sometimes I may have gotten into trouble and other times not.  But one thing I know for sure is that I either learned or I won.  Thank god for having amazing parents that love me so much and of course my always wanting to know more attitude I turned out pretty good lol.

So you see years later I am a mom of three beautiful children that I am very proud of.  I have a core job as a licensed hairstylist at a salon in my hometown and I also have a side business to create another revenue stream.  I have started this journey with another revenue stream three years ago.  I was told by many that I shouldn’t start something like that.  I was told I would be wasting my time as well as wasting my money.  On the brighter side I have also had an abundance of support of many people believing in me.  The haters and negative people will probably always be that way and that is just fine.  My supporters and fellow business partners on the other hand will always be positive and have my back.  If I listened to every single person that told me what I should and should not do in my life I would be a robot and not in charge of me.  I would let other people’s thoughts control my actions.

Like I said in the opening paragraph I have always been a little rebellious and I believe that has gotten me pretty far in life.  I am in charge of me.  My thoughts control me.  With that being said I am very successful in everything I do.  I am successful because I believe in me.  I do what I want.  I work hard with both of my businesses.  I am not done yet as we are always a work in progress.  I will continue to do exactly what I believe and grow my empire while teaching my little ladies and my son that are watching their mama that it is absolutely okay to follow your heart and dreams.

Go ahead…Tell Me I Can’t!  I dare you!  I dare you to get out of your comfort zone and get fear out of the way and grow to your full potential.  There IS so much more.  Trust me, as always I am speaking from my heart and experience.

Boss Babe Jennifer  Xo

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