Tired and Exhausted and can’t work out why? Here are some spiritual tips to help you.

Protect Yo’self

Shout this from the rooftops if you can!

We are all walking around absorbing each others energy.

Whether you are a spiritual being or not, listen up!

If you ever feel one of these 5 things, chances are you are open energetically and need to close off your energy. Stat.

  • On the train on the way to work feeling fabulous one minute and then for no unexplainable reason you feel completely tired, emotional and drained?
  • Sipping cocktails at a party and start to feel nauseas and have to evacuate the dancefloor?
  • Shopping at the mall and cant figure out why you all of a sudden fell overwhelmed with emotion?
  • At your kids basketball game and burst into tears, like a crazy person, but you were completely fine 10 seconds ago?
  • Your partner gets home and immediately you pick up BAD MOOD?

Unless you know how to close your energy off, I am pretty confident that you have experienced one of the above.

So I am going to share with you what zipping up looks like.

Imagine a cloak that you put on EVERYTIME you leave your house.  This cloak offers protection for your energy. You can say when I wear this cloak I am safe and protected.  By JUST doing this your energy is yours and yours only.

Literally zip yourself up. You are wearing a zip from the floor to the top of your head all the way down your back.  This my friends will offer you protection from low energy or fear based energies.

Trust me this is going to rock your world.

If you need to put your cloak on or zip up several times during the day, go right ahead.  Every time you feel that something energetically doesn’t belong to you?

Zip it zip it good!





Clair is a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Louise Hay Heal your Life Teacher. Clair uses all her "Clair's" to provide a spiritual reading that provides guidance and clarification from the most authentic space. Her Coaching Sessions and Workshops are empowering women to Love Yo'self! By working through our blocks and limiting beliefs and conditioning, that no longer serve us. With loving guidance Clair shares self love tools and introduces them so that people can start to live their truth and to come from love on a daily basis. And in turn creates a new style of thinking with endless possibilities.

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