Today, It’s “Who” You Know and Not “What” You Know in Business

Who Do You Know?

In most of our careers, we have all heard the spill about networking and it’s importance.  I’m sure we’ve all heard repeatedly, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.”  We get it, we understand it, but why don’t we take this wisdom seriously?  Why don’t we get out and meet the people we need to meet that can take us to the places we desire to go?

I guarantee that there are 100 different ways to network in the areas you currently live in, even if you live in the smallest of towns.  You may be thinking, “nope, not in my town,” or you may say, “people don’t have many events where I live, and the next town is too far away.”

We live in an age where you can meet people across this world by simply making a connection on the Internet.  Social media has changed the concept of networking greatly.

 What is Your “Net-Worth”?

We have all heard the phrase, “your network determines your net worth,” but what does it truly mean to network?  I believe networking involves meeting people with common goals and connections that align with what you desire to accomplish in life and where you desire to be.

A lot of times when you are working on your day jobs or even trying to launch forward in your careers, managers and leaders will want to know more about how you operate, lead, and strategize more than they are concerned with what you truly know.


Managers and leaders can always teach you the job, but there are certain skills that simply can’t be taught. They look for those skills.J. Sherai


How many of us are in the positions we are currently working because someone told us it was available?  How many of us have always found out about the positions and opportunities available through word of mouth?  The truth is, many companies would rather hire someone trust worthy and reliable and just spend the money and time to send them to school or train them for the duties required for the job.

Yes, I do believe education is important and you should most definitely be very wise in your field.  However, to get the interview will be based more on “who” you know, rather than “what” your resume reveals.

Why “Who” You Know Is More Important?

1) Most Managers Ask for Recommendations When Hiring For A New Position

My company is currently hiring for a position that they need filled immediately.  The work we have is so much more than the hands we currently have to meet the demands of our business.  All across our company, you see bulletin boards and corporate wide emails being sent petitioning us for recommendations.  Each sign posted and email sent asks, “Who do you know, that can fill these positions,” and there are even incentives for those who recommend someone that is actually hired.

Managers would rather hear about a potential employee through others that they trust because they know that they will be able to trust this person’s work ethics and team building skills versus a total and complete stranger.   Our resumes show our skills, but they don’t reveal our character.  That’s why who you know and what they are saying about you, is important.

2) Most Companies Would Prefer Hiring Internally vs Externally

Most companies will post internally before they ever let the world know that they have an open position.  Why?  If you have already been entrusted to work at their company, then they more than likely won’t question your character or ability to handle a new role and responsibilities.  Character helps you get your current job and keep it, your skills allow you to maintain it.

Companies desire to invest in and grow their employees, but you have to also have that same desire.  Meeting people in your company takes courage and work.  It takes work to build a relationship and even harder work to maintain it.  Sometimes even those internal positions are not made widely known for everyone in the corporation.  A lot of times, those positions are discussed even more internally and only amongst particular teams.  Those who know about those positions are purposely notified about them and they then go out to the bulletin, and post for the job.  They were able to post for them because someone told them it was there.

3) Most Managers Know Who They Will Hire Prior to Posting the Job Opportunity

Most managers post jobs for formality only, but more than likely, they’ve already determined the perfect person for the job way before posting.  Usually these jobs are only posted long enough for that particular person to go out and apply for it, and then, it is suddenly removed.  Even if they hold interviews, a lot of times it is still for formality only.  Managers a lot of times know who they will hire, and that’s why you must take seriously the fact that it is more about “who” you know, than “what” you know.

You have to open your mind to think strategically in your career.  Managers are leaders who can see connections and alignments within the company strategically.  They are going to want to align with those who can bring forth the best fruit and connections for their team.  Make sure that you are meeting mentors for coffee, and winning over advocates who are willing to speak up for you and say you would be the perfect person for the dream job you’ve always wanted.


Get out and network, or log on and network, just make sure you network.

To learn more about creative ways to Network, click on the following article that I found online,
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J. Sherai, The Success Strategist

CEO & Founder

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