Why I Turned Down a Date with a Rapper

We boss babes are fearless but when it comes to love does that still hold true? Recently I’ve had an interesting experience of being asked out on a date by a well-known rapper with over 1.2 million followers on IG, his net worth according to Google was only 8 million. This happened during a business function by the way. Though many might say that strategically it would’ve been a great alignment for my business and brand. But I knew better.

So let me break it down for you. Here’s the scenario:

As we know a lot of rappers travel with an entourage of people, between managers, stylist, barbers, PR reps and the list goes on. Well, this particular rapper thought that by him pulling out his wad of cash and counting it in front of me would somehow impress me. That was an epic fail. Especially since I had just seen Richard Branson talk about his philanthropic efforts just a few weeks ago.

The kicker was this well-known rapper stood in the middle of a Manhattan street surrounded by fans and his group of handlers when he boldly said to me, “Would you like to get dinner sometime? I think you’re cute.” Flattered and offended at the same time, I took to the superwoman stance, hand placed firmly on my hips and belted out, “I’m busy! The only person I’m dating is my business”

In one short instant, I’ve managed to crush his celebrity ego and had a crowd of people shocked that I actually turned down a celebrity so publicly.

The reasonings were simple:


As the self-help extraordinaire, Jim Rohn says, “You are the 5 people who you spend most of your time with.” Make sure you pick your people wisely and know that it’s ok to say no.


Cash comes and goes but intelligence cannot be bought by money. Be with someone who is well versed in different aspects of life and not just about making money. Or how to swindle someone out of theirs using crooked ways.


Too many times we second guess ourselves and compromise our standards in the name of love or connection. But when we’re clear on what our worth is, then it sets the boundaries for other people to respect us in every aspect of life.

4. Never Compromise Your Integrity

Your integrity is your moral compass in decisions you make not just for yourself but also for your business. And the moment you sway from your integrity you are allowing mediocrity to enter into your space.


At the end of the day, your opinion of who you are as a person trumps anyone else’s. So if you can end your day being able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you believe in and live by, that’s what matters most.

Connie Chi

Founder & CEO

Connie Chi is the Founder and CEO of The Chi Group, a brand agency humanizing brands to better engage and evoke curiosity within the world. She is an avid champion for anything Vegan, proud mom of a 6 year old furbaby, host of The Brand Academy Podcast and has an extreme passion for branding. Join The Chi Group on Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to The Brand Academy Podcast on iTunes/Google Play.

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