How to Use an Easy Transcription App to Keep Track of Your Ideas

Track Your Ideas Using a Transcription AppAs you build your business, there’s a good chance that you’ll start thinking about your company all the time. If you’re like me, this means that ideas will flood you at random times like when you’re driving or when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.


Transcription as a way to track ideas

If you don’t have a pen and paper handy, there’s a good way to keep track of these ideas and to ensure you respond to them later. The same is true if you have a great concept for a blog and you only have the first paragraph or so written in your head. This is known as transcription.

Using voice memos can help prompt you about an idea you had previously but one of my favorite apps allows you to not only capture this information but to also have it easily transcribed so that by the time you’re ready to sit down and look at it, you’ll have all of the materials in front of you in order to make your next move.


Rev as a Transcription App of choice

My transcription app of choice is Rev. This is easily used from your mobile phone and you can upload any audio files from the computer-based application as well. Rev allows you to easily upload your audio files to Dropbox and other locations or you can have it directly transcribed by Rev. These easy transcription apps ensure that an idea you have on the go is recorded for posterity.

You can choose what to do with that recorded audio file but perhaps you’ll eventually type it up or hire someone else to type it up for you so that you can make the most of the application overall. You can pay Rev $1/minute in order to get things transcribed, and I found that their service is pretty fast!

Having ideas on the fly is a great part of owning a business but if you don’t have any way to keep track of them, it’s like in one ear and out the other.


By using a transcription app or recorded voice memos, you ensure that you keep track of every idea that comes to you. You can always delete it later if the idea is not relevant to your business at this point in time but for many people, it’s easier and faster for them to talk out their ideas rather than to type them.

This combined with the fact that you’re unlikely to have a pen and paper on you all of the time or be able to easily express what exactly occurred in your brain makes it an ideal choice to use a transcription application. And if you’re ever looking to discover how to harness consistency, accountability and focus on getting things done, this podcast I recorded about combating shiny object syndrome might just be what you need. Enjoy!

Laura Pennington

Laura Pennington burned out teaching 7th grade in Baltimore City and realized that traditional education was not for her in the midst of pursuing her PhD in public policy. She launched a freelance writing and virtual assistant career that allows her to work from home on her own time, teaching others how to build at-home businesses and providing content and strategy for major companies like Microsoft. She is a soon-to-be military spouse who has moved four times in seven years with her Navy man. She is a former competitive tap dancer and enjoys spending time with her cats and reading books like a good nerd should.

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