Virtual Assistants Are The New Holy Grail

Virtual Assistants are like the 12 apostles behind Jesus, and the creative entrepreneurs savior.

If you’ve ever thought about hiring a VA, Sara Lingenfelter gives us a few thoughts to consider:

“Imagine 100+ tasks that could be delegated.”

T: What does a virtual assistant do?

S: It’s an assistant that can work from anywhere (so virtually) to assist you in getting things done in your business. The amazing thing about a virtual assistant is you can find so many different types. They can do 100 or more tasks; anything from general administrative work to graphic design. It’s all up to you!

“The possibilities really are endless.”

T: Why would someone hire a virtual assistant?

S: You only have so many hours in the day and you need to focus on what drives the business forward. Your VA can help you with emails, social media, formatting blogs, and newsletters. Virtual Assistants are an independent contractor, so it’s much cheaper than hiring a full time employee.

“As your business grows, you’ll have more money to invest in team support.”

T: What should someone look for in a virtual assistant?

S: When you hire a Virtual Assistant, look for someone who is driven, has excellent communication and great time-management skills. You want them to be a problem solver and know how to take initiative.

“If your VA knows the software program – that’s a plus!”

T: How does someone get started as a VA?

S: There are a variety of ways you can get started. First, I suggest you think about the experience you have and the services you can offer. There are outsourcing websites you can sign up on like, HireMyMom and Upwork, to find clients. Facebook groups and updating your LinkedIn profile are some other great ways too. Also, I have a free guide on How To Get Started as a VA.

There are training programs you can take and some of them are really worth the investment! Investing in training early on is what helped me to build my business and quit my 9-5 job.

“I am inspired thinking about the lives I have changed and will change.”

T: What inspires you to do what you do?

S: Being a single mom, I want to show my son that he can take his dreams and ideas, regardless of what the world says, and follow them. I want him to know that anything is possible with passion and a clear path in life.

“I feel like a million bucks when I can support another mom in creating something she didn’t even know was possible.”

Sara Lingenfelter certainly knows a thing or two about being earnestly pursued for her miraculous skills, as a Virtual Assistant.

The Virtual Assistant has become highly sought after and extremely invaluable to the busy CEO for a myriad of reasons. They are a vessel that serves as an important motif in every online entrepreneurs business.

Tisha Benoit

Business Consultant, Writer and Dreamer

Tisha Benoit is the creator of 40 Day Biz, 40 Day Book and 40 Day Live. Master of Science Degree in Chinese Medicine, Fiat 500 Fanatic, Jimmy Choo Junkie, Loves Gluten Free Pizza and Italian Greyhounds. I want to know YOU. Meet me in the clouds and let's dream about your business together.

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