Water Your Own Grass

We’ve all heard the saying “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!” Everyone says it. The phrase applies to so many aspects of our lives. We spend so much time comparing our lives to others. We “people watch” with envy and jealousy in our hearts. We dig so deep into the lives of others to the point that we start feeling sorry for ourselves. We wonder how did he/she get to be so lucky? What did they do to land that awesome job? How did he get a promotion after only working four months? How is she engaged after only six months of dating? OMG, how did she drop twenty pounds in four weeks? His muscles are bigger than mine. His car is much nicer than mine. We dig so deep. SO DEEP! Why?

Do You Love Yourself Enough?

We don’t particularly love ourselves. Watching other people distracts us from focusing on ourselves. It prevents us from digging deep into our own lives and watering our own grass. We oftentimes try to get what others have when in fact, what they have is not meant for us. If you want that dream job, work hard for it. If you want to be married, be marriage material. If you want to lose weight, choose healthier food options and join a buddy at the gym. The key here is to love yourself enough to focus on your well-being and success.

Are You Worthy Enough?

We don’t believe we are worthy enough. We tend to be so hard on ourselves that we start to believe our own lies. We tell ourselves we are not worthy of that CEO position because we didn’t graduate from college. We believe we are not worthy of love and healthy relationships after a few terrible breakups . We convince ourselves that we’ll never land a great job after three failed job interviews.

Jealous Or Nah?

We’ve created a life of jealousy and envy towards others. We don’t know how to be happy for others, especially when our lives are not as up to par as we intended them to be. We cringe when others succeed, yet we haven’t done an exceptional job at pushing ourselves. Jealousy and envy are useless emotions. Gain control of your emotions and shake that mess off.

Worry ‘Bout Yourself!

To be clear, we have no idea what people may or may not have done to get the life we THINK they have. And to be quite frank, it’s none of our business. Focus on bettering your situation and your outlook on life. Create the life you want. When we spend time watering our own grass, we won’t have time to observe the grass of others. Be so busy GLOWING YOURSELF UP that you won’t have time to worry about what Jack and Jill are doing.

Cheers to YOU being totally awesome at watering your own grass!! #GLOWGIRL

Tia W.

Tia is a coffee-loving, sweet tea drinking, dog lover who enjoys encouraging others beyond their fears and an advocate for self-love. Her wish is to reach the minds of those who are seeking their purpose, personal growth, and better ways to improve their lives by first loving themselves. Tia started Be Your Cup of Tea in January 2017 in hopes of inspiring others to live loved and purpose-filled.   Tia worked as a Professional Counselor and Social Worker up until 2014. After several years of layoffs, company downsizes, burnout, and obtaining two degrees, she decided to step out on faith and switch careers. She now works as a Technical Project Manager for a software company in Atlanta, GA. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, eating good food, shopping, listening to house music, and laughing until it hurts. You can usually find her spending time with her dog, shopping in Target, sitting on a Starbucks patio, or eating Tacos with friends. Follow Tia on Instagram @beyourcupoftea 

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