What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

All entrepreneurs have their own special kind of shine but have you ever wondered what kind of entrepreneur are you? If you’re curious to know, here’s a list:  


You’re the type of entrepreneur that doesn’t have reverence for time. You do what you feel like when you feel like it. So you might be the type that’s always late for meetings or even forgets that you have a meeting scheduled. The solution is to get organized, using automatic reminders and calendars is going to be key for you.


You rather waste time checking out what people are doing rather than learning about how you can better your entrepreneurial game. Your bio reads “entrepreneur,” and your posts are of quotes about hustle hard, pictures of wads of cash and nice cars. When in fact you’re just a wantrepreneur and all talk. Do you see Warren Buffet posting up on IG photos stacks of cash?


This type of entrepreneur is always doing research and hoarding information in their Google drive. It seems like their endless research will never result in any action taken. They just plan and plan. Stop researching and take action. It doesn’t matter what you pick just do one thing and keep building upon it.


You have the potential to scare the bejesus out of anyone. Why? because the superwoman entrepreneur is capable of almost everything and can throw down with the pros. These are the ones who are not just running a business, but they are moms, tech pros, speakers, pet parents, organizing extraordinaire, authors and an all around powerhouse. But they are also the first one to experience burn out on a whole different level. They need to learn to outsource and let go of some things.


She knows what she can handle and when she needs to let go. She’s also the same kind of person that will schedule in self-care, personal growth, has wisdom, is firm but not rude. This type of entrepreneur is capable of accomplishing everything on her to-do list happily and still get to bed by 10 PM while eating right.


The serial entrepreneur has this obsessive nature of starting businesses. They are extremely successful in every business they invest into. Serial entrepreneurs are seriously laser focus and won’t let anyone get in their way.

Connie Chi

Founder & CEO

Connie Chi is the Founder and CEO of The Chi Group, a brand agency humanizing brands to better engage and evoke curiosity within the world. She is an avid champion for anything Vegan, proud mom of a 6 year old furbaby, host of The Brand Academy Podcast and has an extreme passion for branding. Join The Chi Group on Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to The Brand Academy Podcast on iTunes/Google Play.

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