What To Do When Your Dreams Seem Impossible

Late nights. Early mornings. Foggy brain. Lukewarm coffee. A never-ending to-do list.

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this whole entrepreneur thing after all…” you think as you mindlessly check your inbox for the hundredth time that day.

Here’s the thing: entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes more commitment and dedication than the average person is willing to commit to. You will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but through it all learn so much about yourself, business, life and perseverance. You know that at the end of the day your dreams are worth it.

But what do you do when you’re ready to give up? When you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for months with no traction? When you’re sick of everyone asking you “how your thing” is going and you immediately clamp up in defense mode. When you can feel your dreams so much you can practically taste them but the noise in your head is so loud you can’t even hear yourself think most days?

Breathe. It’s okay.

Here are some reminders for you…

Remember why you started.

Yes this is cliche. But when your life’s work is depending on it, you need to remember your vision for the times when everything feels so overwhelming and out of reach. Why did you start your business? Was it for freedom? Impact? Choice? Independence? Legacy? There’s no good, wrong, right or bad. It’s whatever you choose. Stay true to that and remind yourself everyday what you’re working towards.

Remember that you’ve been given your vision for a reason.

No one on this earth can fulfill your purpose. No one on earth has been given the exact same set of gifts, talents and skills that you have. You have been so uniquely created to do something in this world that no one else can do but you. Turning your back on the vision placed in your heart is turning your back on the person you are called to be. Stay true to yourself. Trust your gut and follow your intuition; they’re never wrong.

You are not alone.

Stop comparing yourself to the ones who have already “made it” (so it seems anyways), keep your blinders on and remember there are thousands of women in this world like you working everyday to make their dreams a reality. You are not the only one experiencing fear, anxiety and stress on a daily basis. You are not the only one trying to turn your side hustle into a freedom lifestyle. Even though the people in your life may not understand, there are thousands around the world that do. It’s okay to feel misunderstood. You are not the only one.

Write down your ultimate goal(s) somewhere you can see them everyday.

Start each day by prioritizing what’s important. Are your daily activities profitable or time-consuming? Are you spinning your wheels or taking action? Real action is the quickest way out of overwhelm. Cut out the fluff and focus on the tasks that are going to propel your business forward.

Stay inspired.

You are most productive when you are creative and inspired. If you are feeling stagnant, change up your energy! Blast some music and dance, go for a run, move your body, get outside; whatever you can do to get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing. Taking time to do the things you love everyday will make you more productive when you sit down and focus on your work.

If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s that you can do this. You really, truly can. Your dreams are not impossible. You will get there if you keep taking forward steps every single day.

Don’t give up on yourself. You were born for greatness.

Lynn Hulver

Digital Nomad/ Entrepreneur

Lynn is a 23-year-old dreamer, world traveler and digital nomad who loves exercising outside and is always planning her next adventure. When not working towards her dreams, she is either seeking out the best almond milk lattes from health food cafes or getting lost exploring nature. Her mission is to empower millennial women around the world to live their passions, strive for greatness and never settle for anything less than extraordinary. Follow her journey around the world on Instagram @lynnhulver.

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