Where To Start When You Don’t Know What You Want

You know what you want when you know what you don’t want. *raises a glass to you in refined Leonardo DiCaprio fashion*…ok, so what if you can’t just triple check the answer to your own loaded question(s). In fact you’re probably asking yourself if it can really be that simple –Well, take a breather babe, you are a BO$$. You are a BAE-B. Annnddd …YOU got YOU! (So YES. YES IT CAN!!). PS: pour yourself a glass…or two…or three; we have werk to do. *que Britney Spears WORK BITCH*

So when it comes to facing reality I’ve come to learn that the best course of action is DON’T: We all have issues and problems to each our own, but how much of everyone’s expectations are you going to let walk all over yours? -Fall is upon us and this question falls entirely upon you! Therefore where to start is not so much about what you’re not doing, or missing, or the reason(s) (you think) things you want aren’t showing up/ (what other people are doing etcetera), BUT more so to do with the reason behind why you want something in the first place (even when you are still unsure of what that still is!).

You see, deep down at your core you know what is right for you based on the way it makes you feel. So let your feelings be your guidance system and feel your way through trial and error. Enjoy the process because YOU know you have everything it takes on the inside to get to where you are going. It may just be you can’t decide what you want your destination to be; and with that, don’t feel like you have limits (everything about that is ok). -Sometimes it’s just a matter of convincing yourself that you’re worthy before you allow what you want to enter your experience. And perhaps the reason why so many people are hesitant to start, is simply because you need to remind yourself of why you want it and why that makes you feel good to unlock steps towards it. Focus on your interests/talents and what truly makes you happy and do more of that until the inspiration comes to do and attract more of that same feeling (and it will).

Which brings us to words of wisdom numero two: Everything you want is because you think you will be happy in the having of it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve convinced myself I wanted something so bad only to realize I was selling myself short or not going after what was right for me. With that being said, it’s easy to get sucked into reality (and let’s face it) ; what people might think of us and their reaction over what we’re doing  might as well be worse than your own “what was I thinking?!” But GURLLL don’t be too hard on yourself! -Just because you don’t know what to do doesn’t mean the inspiration to act won’t present itself to you. We can be our own worst block to things that we want and that’s nothing to hide in shame about. You’re here, reading this article and you should feel proud that you are building momentum in the right direction.

So no matter where you are in life and how you see yourself (not how others see you), the way you perceive yourself might reveal more about your proximity to the type of person you want to become than you realize and that my loves, is a powerful way to “start”.  -Whatever the case, take the time to reflect upon your life and be completely honest with yourself. There are many who believe “your thoughts create your reality,” so reevaluate what your beliefs are about what you want and again, have fun along the journey to your destination and know that you can never get it wrong because you will never get it done; Life is all about evolving to become your better and best self and enjoying it along the way. So “live your life as if the universe is rigged in your favor,” and create your best self in a way that is not only fun but that suits you to a T!

REMEMBER: When you don’t know where to start, know “The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the expectation of your success.” So when people tell you that a ‘Good Quote won’t get you far, believe in yourself and feel peace in the knowing that  “ what is meant for you will not pass you by” because where you are is temporary, and you are right where you should be.

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