Secure the Mentor: Why my Mentor Has A Mentor

I had the chance to sit down with one of my mentors and have a discussion about the benefits of continually seeking guidance from the geniuses that have come before us. She chose to deflect the attention from herself and rather focused on the benefits she’s received from being mentored by her own mentor. Boss Babe CEO, Natalie Diver was recently quoted saying, “One thing I can say for sure is none of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have other women supporting me.” Our support teams are often as critical to our success as we are. & as a Mompreneur I can attest to the fact that it takes a village to raise a business too. Makini Smith, gives us pointers on how to find the right mentor and how to know when it’s time to pull the plug.

q: When did you realize that you needed a mentor?

I knew I needed a mentor when I made the decision to improve my life. I wanted more but wasn’t sure of how to get it. I was trying and although had some success, the trial and error method began to take a huge toll on my finances, my heart and my spirit. After doing my research I found it made more sense to seek council from someone that had the experience in the areas I was seeking to improve. I discovered I needed multiple mentors because I required mentorship in different areas of my life.


q: How did you know they were for you and where did you find them?

Looking for people that are in a position I would love to switch places with is how I find my mentors. There have been times my growth surpassed my mentor and I had to seek a new one to get to the next level. We can only lead as far as we have gone. There can also be times where a mentor isn’t the perfect fit for my personality but they still offer tools that I need to succeed. You have to trust your instincts and do what feels right deep down inside.

All of my mentors to date I originally found online. Whether it be from researching my topic I need assistance in and seeing who the experts are or from social media connections recommending or referring experts in the area I seek counsel in.

q: How does your mentor support you? Let us in on the perks sis.

My mentors have offered mostly their wisdom and experiences. Also the tools and systems that made them successful. They ask me questions that require me to dig deep, think and seek more out of life. The encourage me and make themselves available for a call when I get stuck. The combination of these things have minimized my errors, saved me time and money, as well as allowed me to multiply my success in areas I was only adding a little at a time.

“Some of the major perks that having a mentor have given me is tapping into their network, resources, and leveraging their credibility. It has opened many doors I may not have been able to open on my own with such ease. Being mentored by them has lifted my own credibility and afforded me to be on media platforms to share my message with a wider audience.”

says Makini Smith

q: So I’ve gone the free advice route and I’ve also paid for my mentorship. What has your experience been like?

Some of my mentors in life didn’t cost me financially and some have been so expensive I didn’t share with anyone what I invested because I don’t need to explain investing in my growth. Mentorship has helped me realize that success requires an investment of time and money. Most people don’t value what they don’t pay for. My mentorship that I pay for keeps me accountable for my actions. No matter how much knowledge we have we won’t be successful unless we execute.

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