Why Women Need To Stop Hating On Gigi Hadid

I recently watched an interview with Gigi Hadid where the interviewer questioned her on other women who are hating on her success.

landscape-1448249426-gigi-hadid-american-music-awards-bryce-scarlett-x-matrixWhy Women Need To Stop Hating On Other Women

We live in a world where women are only paid 78 cents on the dollar compared to men, are taught to be passive and submissive instead of authoritative, and are pressured to spend at least a productive hour out of the day doing hair, makeup and nails (and wear really painful shoes) to be accepted into society. Regardless, women are faced with a plague of female adversaries when they start to crack a hole in the glass ceiling.

We see women hold each other back instead of celebrating their success.

In this interview, you’ll see that female models have been hating on Gigi Hadid for her use of social media, mainly instagram, to propel her success and her personal brand.

Her response: “A lot of them haven’t met me or haven’t spoken to me, or spoken to the people that I work with, so are therefore judging me for a tool that I think would be dumb not to use.”

And this is so common. Women diminishing the success of others “She only got it because she’s pretty, because she’s this, or she’s that”

But think about the success of Gigi. It didn’t just happen to her, she made a choice.

There’s tons of other gorgeous girls who had successful models as mothers who did not take that risk, and make it their career. There are also tons of women who came from nothing and have seen more stardom than Gigi.

She had the opportunity to use social media to her advantage and she did it, rather than many other girls who would have spent their time shopping, partying, or living an otherwise normal life. She used her amazing network to her advantage, and can you blame her?

I hope that any woman would use the opportunities given to her (big or small) to create the life she wants to live.

I came from an under-privileged family. I spent my teenage years in a household with domestic abuse. I wasn’t given a cent from my family to make it through college and you could say I started behind the eight-ball. Yet I was able to start my first business as a stylist at age 20, get signed with the top artist agency in my city, and bought my first condo by the age of 22.

I used my skills and worked my ass off to get what I want. A couple years later I launched a platform to give females entrepreneurs advice that I couldn’t get access to when I was starting out, to help people turn their dreams into a reality.  Yet, people who don’t know me may think I have it easy.

The point is, you need to make what you can of what you are given! That’s what Gigi did. I don’t say she didn’t deserve it; I say girl power.

If she did nothing, she would not be where she is.

She set her eyes on a goal, and made it happen.

This is what every bossbabe, creative female and girlboss should be able to do without fear that someone might be hating on them from afar.

We all have heard of that person who hates us, and were like ‘Wait? Who hates me? Who is she again”. …That’s getting tired, quick.

If someone gets jealous of your success, they should ask themselves: Have they tried it?

Have they tried to build the website? Have they tried to write the content? Have they tried to make the connections?

If not, then they might just have to put the work in to see the same results.

Take a step back and consider that the girl who seems to have it all, actually had to work for it.

That potentially she makes it seem easy because instead of complaining of the workload, the late nights, and sacrifice; she just does it, because she knows that’s what it takes to make it happen?

Then ask “What would happened if you became her friend instead of her competitor?”

When I was in NYC this year, I asked Alex Wolf  if she wanted to grab lunch with me. Not to get something out of her, but just to connect with a like-minded entrepreneur. Creating that relationship has introduced me to working with bossbabe, a community I truly admire, with a team of girl bosses doing amazing things with their lives.

I decided to feature Sophia Roe in an article that would hit a big audience that would love her, and help her grow her community. And since then we had amazing heart to hearts.

Take Kate at Mavenly + co, and Dani at The Clique, two women doing very similar things as me! I’ve become friends with them instead of looking at them as competition. They’re 2 of my business besties now, and we talk and collaborate often. I’ve collaborated with one of my business besties Emily Merrell at Six Degrees Society on everything from live events, to webinars, and it’s been so beneficial for both of our businesses and opened us up to totally new audiences who have a mutual interest.

Women need to stop hating other women

When you are jealous of someone else, you create a scarcity mindset in yourself, you inhibit your creativity, and you can even make yourself look bad.

It’s already hard enough for women.

So please, don’t hate Gigi. Sure, we can’t all be the next face of Hilfiger, but we can work with what we have to make a life we love where there’s space for everyone.

Embrace another girlboss, and anticipate being welcomed on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Reese Evans

Founder at yes supply collective

Reese is a Passive Income Success Strategist, and founder at yes supply collective, a source for female creatives to get the tools and mentorship needed to create a online business and a life they love. Find her on instagram at @yessupply and talk to her in her free facebook group at www.yessupply.co/freefacebookgroup.

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