Why You Need To Get Out Of Hustle Mode

It’s extremely easy as an Entrepreneur to constantly be in hustle mode. I know you feel me on this. Head down, working non-stop, tied to your phone & laptop and really never making time to stop and smell the roses because like come on – WHO has time for that?

I have goals to meet, dreams to make true, competitors to beat. I can’t stop until I make it.

I’m going to be really transparent here, this is my mindset about 90% of the time. I’m constantly working, growing, building my business. I honestly thought when I started my business last February that I’d be SO much farther ahead by now. Which by the way I’m pretty sure everyone thinks so like lets maybe not be so hard on ourselves.

Because I’m not as far down the road as I had anticipated I tend to put myself into overdrive more then I’d like to admit. I feel like people who started in business after me are passing me by and doing WAY better than me. Which can be super dis-heartening, you know?

It feels like I’ve had my head down for so long just trying to get “caught up” that I haven’t even been able to take in all the absolutely incredible things that have been going on around me.

hustle mode

Then I had it: my moment of clarity. I realised how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished in the last year and a half. This time 2 years ago I was just your normal girl who got up every day and went to a job where I was told what to do. I would have never considered myself an innovator or thought I was smart enough to be in business.

Never in a million years would I have believed you if you had told me I’d be an Entrepreneur running 2 profitable businesses (without a business degree).

I believe that a lot of what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is that one stopped while the other kept going.

I also believe that a lot of what stops those from continuing is the never-ending burden of what still needs to be accomplished. Which can be discouraging to say the least. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be enough to make someone throw in the towel.

Stopping to smell the roses is so critical to your success and your journey for the following reasons:

  • None of us know how much time we have left so enjoy the journey.
  • It will keep you motivated to keep going and will make you realize how far you’ve come. Suddenly it won’t seem like you have so far to go and you’ll avoid burnout.
  • Your sense of self-worth will increase because you’re reminded of all your little accomplishments along the way that you forgot about.

Maybe you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything and you’re just spinning your wheels. You wonder when this is all going to pay off. That’s exactly how I was feeling up until today.

If you can’t think of an accomplishment in the last 6 months, how about an experience you learnt from? Something that you didn’t know 6 months ago?

There will be times you might feel like life is all work and no play. But here’s what I realised the last year and a half while I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. I was actually unknowingly learning so much valuable information from my experiences (and failures!).

So what if your business launch is late, or you didn’t sell your projected volume, or you’re not getting traffic to your site?

What can you take from that? What can you learn from that? How can you use that to make you better?

hustle mode

Failures are just as valuable as accomplishments because you’re expanding your knowledge base.

A lot of the time you can stop that feeling of spinning your wheels if you just stop and poke your head above the clouds. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder of everything you’ve done that got you HERE in this exact moment.

Which is totally something to be proud of.

Don’t stop grinding.

Keep failing.

Continue your hustling.

But most importantly, remember to make time to get out of Hustle Mode and be proud of yourself no matter what stage you’re at.

Dani Wilder

Dani is a 23 year old living in Vancouver, BC. She began working at 14 and soon developed an unstoppable work ethic which allowed her to promote to high level positions quickly. Although new to the Entrepreneur scene, her 9 years experience in the corporate world has her set to take on the world. Her life as an Entrepreneur began in February of 2015 when she partnered with two of the world's most renowned Dermatologists. Being the determined and creative spirit she is, in 2016 she founded SelfieSchool™ which brought together her love of social media and helping others. She also launched a self love campaign & community called BEL♡VEDYOU™ – a place where women can come together for support and unconditional love. Her passion and expertise lies within self-esteem reinstatement, finding true happiness, discovering the most genuine love for yourself, and helping others achieve their dream life.

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